Digest Vol. 117: Suddenly fast


I’m not sure why but suddenly this blog feels much faster than before. I don’t remember making any major changes apart of resetting blocksize to default and perhaps updating PHP.

Oh well, great. Apparently I tuned some OPcache parameters earlier last week.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Nanami arc. Just like Suzuna, hers is relatively simple and looking again, it’s pretty short.

Now almost halfway through Yukari. She sure is the best heroine =D

Long weekend next week and nothing major planned so I should be able to finish everything by then.

Will play sequels after this as planned months ago.

Non-eroge playthrough

A bit stalled on anime except for Youshitsu.

A bit too much FGO on the other hand. Whoops.

Wasting money

Placed some pre-orders and stuff. And finally got this Kantoku tapestry. Or at least it was up for sale and I immediately grabbed it. Hopefully it’s not some kind of dumb mistake.

Sold quite a lot of stuff as well which balanced the spending.

Finally sorted all the doujin books and now left with around 100 books for disposal. Putting them up for auction sounds pretty annoying because most of them will be put up for only around 100-500 yen which is not really worth the effort. I will probably end up just dumping them to Suruga-Ya after asking around if anyone want some of the stuff. Probably.

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Digest Vol. 116: What now


Uneventful week.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Suzuna route.

Now in Nanami. Almost halfway, I think? Pretty fast considering I only started this weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

Slowing down with FGO. Still need more high level servants to clear the highest level quests. Also need to actually finish the main story.

A bit behind on anime and no progress on light novels.

Wasting money

Chikotam pillow cover incoming! RIP 10k.

And then there’s also Melonbooks Uribou tapestries incoming. Looks like I’ll spend at least 21k for those.

Hatsujou Sprinkle pillow cover also up for pre-order but I’m holding back this time to buy it at one of the later events because shipping is almost 1k. Closest event would be character1 oct.2017.

Didn’t buy anything major otherwise this whole week. Good job, me. Or maybe just there’s nothing left to buy. Ha.

It’s of course still early to be happy.

Sold a few stuff this week. Fewer than hoped because I put up about 20 new stuff last week. I probably set the starting bid a bit too high. At least I should get about 12k if nothing goes wrong.

Will put up more stuff later this week.Β  Including some computer stuff.

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Digest Vol. 115: Bye August


And welcome September \o/ (soon)

Eroge playthrough

And I’m still at Suzuna’s route! I think I’m at least halfway her route now. About to enter the good part.

Didn’t expect the certain scene of Suzuna. It’s welcome though =D

Non-eroge stuff

I’m done with FGO summer event. There are still the four star fous left but I don’t think I have team capable of clearing them.

Wasting money

Did some preorder which increased the total spending for this month a bit higher than I wanted.

Thankfully there are some unexpected stuff being sold as well which kind of balance thing out.

Got quite a lot of Yahoo points as well which helped.

October is still empty. Yay.

There’s only Yurauka for November. It’s a bit annoying though because I want the retail shikishi bonus but none of the stores have interesting bonus apart of CD. Trader was a possibility but then their Shinjuku store is closing next month. That left me with Sofmap and Melonbooks. Best candidate is Sofmap at the moment. Or just auction the shikishi? At any rate, it looks like I’ll be getting multiple copies of the game.

There will also be autumn event this year. No idea how much that will cost me.

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Digest Vol. 114: Slow week


Hi. Early for once.

Eroge playthrough

On Suzuna route. Much slower than I hoped ;_; (as usual)

Shouldn’t take too long! I think! I shall finish two routes by end of this week! We’ll see. (not happening)

No plan change at the moment.

Non-eroge stuff

As usual.

Wasting money

Pre-ordered Kamiyaba PSV from WonderGoo. Will do another pre-order from Sofmap but I’m still not sure where to buy it from. Probably more from Yahoo! Shopping. Also now I look again, I should’ve bought WonderGoo stuff from Yahoo! as well. They have better bonus.

Also cleared up all Sweet Little Kiss stuff (which then realized DMM has better discount and point compared to DLsite).

Did some other pre-orders like Dengekiya and Denkigai.

It’s about 40000 yen in total.

And then auction stuff went pretty good. The two stuff which I know will sell for quite good did… exceptionally good. With one of them sold for over 500% of purchase price. Hopefully the transaction will go well. Seems fine. The end result is it almost pays my entire spending for last week.

On eroge spending, there are quite a few coming up.

First is Kamiyaba PSV from Sofmap as mentioned above. Will place preorder whenever I get my T-point bonus.

And then Parasol’s latest game. Official store for full game, and then the voice drama from auction as usual. There is also soundtrack which will be sold separately.

October is empty. I don’t think anything new will come up so I guess it will stay empty.

There’s only Yurauka for November. Not sure where to get full game from but will at least get full set of voice drama and Kanekiyo Miwa tapestries.

Pillow cover drawn by Chikotam will be up for pre-order as well end of this month so there’s that.

I hope I didn’t forget anything.

Also still need to put up more stuff for auction…

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Digest Vol. 113: And done!


One day late because I spent the whole night cleaning up and arranging stuff. Not even done yet. I also have a backlog of over 4000 unread feed items.

Eroge playthrough

Barely any progress because of events and stuff.

Non-eroge stuff

A bit late but went as usual. Cleared up some manga while waiting at the events.

Wasting money

With all the events, I think I didn’t miss too far off from my original budget. Slightly better, even.

Definitely the lowest spending between last few event months.

Unexpectedly sold a bunch of CDs in YJA. And even a doujin which I mistakenly bought twice. Sold it for a 50yen profit.

Overall, I bought 672,000 yen worth of stuff and sold them back for 550,000 yen. Well, that’s just the rough number with conservative approximation for original stuff cost. Even then, at 80% of original spending, I think it’s pretty good.

As mentioned before, I’ll be putting up more stuff for auction so my balance should be even better or at least not getting worse for the rest of the month.

Events log

Denkigai 2017 Summer

As most of the stuff I wanted are available for order online, I didn’t rush this time around. Arrived around 8 AM.

Queued first for Alcot. It was pretty bad. Apparently they have some kind of trouble at the beginning. Too few hours until finally gotten my stuff.

Picked up minori stuff from someone and then walked around after grabbing Hatsujou Sprinkle drink first.

And then ended up buying more stuff than I initially planned πŸ˜€

C92 day 1

As I didn’t have any high priority stuff planned for corporate booths, I arrived at around 2:30 PM. Most of the booths I visited have no lines except for Sprite and Kadokawa.

Looked around a bit and then back to first Sprite and lastly Kadokawa. I think I still queued a bit for Kadokawa at past 3 PM.

C92 day 2

Spent whole day clearing up RSS feed backlog and planning for day 3.

C92 day 3

First train as usual. Got into hall 1/2/3 at 10:15, visited Yukie.

Was quick-ish. Or at least didn’t feel too slow. Then grabbed whatever I could from that area. Shiromochi Sakura surprisingly didn’t have line. On the other hand Yuizaki had quite a line. Probably getting the Elf pillow cover. Most of wall circles had line as usual though I didn’t pay too much attention.

Jumped to hall 4/5/6, cleared whatever I could. Notable long line for this area was Shino. Or more like I didn’t know how long it would be and apparently it’s pretty long.

Done with that hall, went to hall 7. I didn’t get lost this time around. Takoyaki booth was relatively quiet. So was Nanao Naru. Except that one was because most of the stuff were already sold out. Whoops. At least I only planned to get the set. Quite a long line for tiv so I skipped it.

Back to hall 1/2/3, cleared whatever I could. Notable unexpected long lines were Anmi (Mashu pillow cover?) and eterna-radiare (same). Unfortunately some of the booths haven’t started selling the book without sets so I skipped quite a lot here.

Finally went to station to head for Akiba around 1 PM. Probably my earliest ever.

Later I find out Pan goods set lasted quite a long time. Whoops.

Arrived at Akiba, fetched K-Books tapestries. Not much queue. I even went back to grab more Chikotam tapestry to be sold later :>

Went to Jiku-Chu hoping for this tapestry but neither of two stores have it ;_;

A bit lost finding Tenplant store but then found it out somehow and thankfully it was free entry. I guess everyone went to Melonbooks because it’s got lines just to enter the store.

Talking about Melonbooks, checked out the new Uribou store just to find out there’s new lewd Pan tapestry but already sold out (γƒŽο½₯_ο½₯)γƒŽοΈ΅ ┻━┻

And that’s it.

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Digest Vol. 112: Events time! (soon)


Comiket and Denkigai next (this?) weekend. And I haven’t made my list. I guess I’ll slowly do it daily as opposed to doing everything in one go as usual.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Senren Banka. Took much longer than I expected at 2 months. The extras are longer than I expected. A bit longer than Hanasaki Work Spring, I think?

As planned, now playing Kamiyaba. Already doing better than expected. Current plan is Suzuna β†’ Nanami β†’ Yukari β†’ Urara β†’ Extras. Pretty sure Urara route is locked though I’m not sure if there’s other locked routes.

We’ll see how long this takes.

Non-eroge stuff

Anime thing still going as usual. Youshitsu still doing pretty good, I think? So is NTR that I bought the manga and now halfway the first volume. Fate/Apocrypha is still warming up. Kind of.

Talking about Fate series, I liked FGO enough I bought account with over 900 quartz and Okita Souji starting servant for 1600. I lost one month worth of stuff including maxed Assassin Scathach and a bunch of other stuff. But I got Okita Souji <3

No progress on light novel side \o/

Wasting money

Sold Hatsujou Sprinkle at 5000. Not too bad. Nothing else though.

Suruga-Ya sold Kurafuta Goodwill tapestry for 9900 ;_;

But on the other side they sold this Soreyorino tapestry for 3000. I believe this still has pretty high value at the moment so I bought it off. Hopefully this will make some good money =D

Apart of those, also bought an old Kiba Satoshi tapestry and some other random stuff.

I’m trying harder to hold back this time around and so my current pillow cover plan is “just” Yukie’s Kana and Clover Day’s Anri. There’s also upcoming Chikotam original as well later this month.

Otherwise I think I’m doing kind of okay-ish. In fact, last month was one of the best I did last few years. This month having summer event would make it a bit difficult should still be positive balance.

I’ll also start selling more stuff once all the events are done so that should help the balance even further.

And frees my room.

Bright(er) future ahead o/

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Digest Vol. 111: Practicality


111th digest. This thing sure has come a long way. Not that there’s much improvement in term of writing quality πŸ˜€

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mako route. The story ended up relatively simple. In term of story, I think I like Rena’s best, followed by Murasame, Yoshino, and finally Mako.

Mako is still the best heroine though. Followed by Murasame.

Currently at finishing the remaining two sub heroines. Will go with Koharu first and lastly Roka. It’s much longer than I expected.

As planned, will continue to Kamiyaba after this.

Will be followed by sequels and fandisks. I’ve piled quite a lot of them. Dal Segno, Sakura no Mori Dreamers, Aokana, Rorolog, and Hakoniwa Logic’s Koko fandisk. I also need to finally clear the Quintuple Splash extra H-scenes.

Finishing those, I’ll move on to either Cube or Whirlpool itles.

Non-eroge stuff

Nothing much apart of FGO took up all available time for light novels. Anime is still going as usual.

Wasting money

Sold nothing this week. Not really surprising because I didn’t lower any of the starting bid and didn’t add new items either. Will be back adding new items (and lowering starting bid) after summer events end.

Now I think again I did add Hatsujou Sprinkle (the game) but no one bought that πŸ™

With this month ending, I can safely say this is the month I saved most. Next month will be a bit bad because of events but I hope I can keep the spending low.

Talking about low spending, I should spend less on stuff. And maybe even sell even more of the pillow covers and tapestries. And perhaps books as well. Now I remember it, I also need to throw away magazines.

I’m also running really low on physical space.

That reminds me I probably should throw eroge boxes already.

Still ongoing with plan to drop some games. In addition to Da Capo, I have some more candidates for dropping. Those should help making even more space.

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Digest Vol. 110: Preparation


Three weeks to Denkigai and Comiket. Information is slowing coming out as well. My copy of catalog should arrive soon so I should start updating my list.

Eroge playthrough

Didn’t manage to finish Mako’s route this week. Not really surprising. I think I’m not even a third of her route yet. I guess I can finish it before this weekend.

There’s no change on plan so Kamiyaba is still up next. What comes after it is still undecided though. Most likely one of Cube’s titles. Or Sakumori 2.

Non-eroge stuff

NTR is getting quite interesting. And light beams.

Youshitsu is also slowly revealing stuff. With surprising end at the end of episode 2. Maybe I’ll read the LN later.

Tenshi no 3P is, well, Tenshi no 3P. It’s almost like Ro-Kyu-Bu but with music instead. And more lewds. And consciousness about being lolicon or something.

On LN side, finished Tsuntsun ojou-sama no dere yome shuugyou as planned. The later chapters is indeed mostly filled with tsundere sex (?). Even the ending is still tsundere. Not that I’m complaining. They should’ve put sex scene with maid as well though. Or something like 3P πŸ˜€

With that over, now resume Te no hira no koi to sekai no ou no musume-tachi. Long title is long. Or LN title is LN title. Sounds redundant. At 6%, I haven’t even passed introduction yet. Nothing interesting in sight… yet (I want to believe πŸ˜€ ). It’s got Shiromochi Sakura though so there’s at least that.

End of next month will see release of the third installment of Kageppuchi kara hajimeru sekai jyumyou no nobashi kata. The ending of second volume was quite devastating so I’m looking forward to how they continue from that.

Finished main quests of summer Fate/GO events. Just need some Gae Bolgs so I can have NP5 Schatch and as many materials as possible for CE and misc items.

Wasting money

Another preorder for Melonbooks doujin tapestry set was started. This time from Hisama Kumako. It’ll be a bit dangerous if they continue this…

There’s also this lewd tapestry from Game-Style. It’s double suede as well.

Cuffs (and Hulotte) summer goods store has been opened. No interesting hug pillow cover from Cuffs side so looks like I’ll only be getting Gayarou original and Kurafuta tapestries. Didn’t expect there’s even more Kurafuta tapestry coming out. And no Mamiya. What is this.

Unfortunately Hulotte is having separate store again this time so I’ll be paying shipping fee twice. Current plan is to get everything.

All said, the total is half of what I allocated. The number still looks pretty dumb though.

Thankfully I sold quite a few stuff in YJA this week. Or more accurately three high priced items (and some minor items). Yuzu-Soft sure is popular. And so is Tateha (kind of).

If everything goes well, I should have clean balance again. With almost zero buffer. Budget for summer events is still vague so that actually the worst case. I hope.

Talking about worst case, K-Books’ Chikotam tapestry will be up for sale on Comiket third day. The bright side is everyone will probably be in Big Sight as well. That means I don’t have much time before rushing to Akiba. I’m targeting to finish before 1 PM. Hopefully it will still be available.

On eroge planning (ha ha ha planning), this month will be quite a… few. Hatsujou sprinkle, Sakumori 2, Fuyuuso, and Mashimaro.

Next month is thankfully empty.

But there will be DC3DD, Omokage railback, Farnesse, Onikin 2, and Sakukoi in September. I’m planning to drop the first two though so that will leave me with three.

Sakukoi seems “fine”. The eyes still look pretty bad but at least a bit better compared to the previous one.

Whereas Onikin 2 just looks suspiciously derpy to me. I don’t like the designs for new heroines and the new CGs for previous heroines didn’t look all that good either.

On November there will be Cube’s next title! Many excite. A bit sad it’s not 100% Kanekiyo Miwa but at least she seems to be doing the flat-chested heroine. Yay.

Back to October, there’s none yet. Akabeesoft’s Maho roba seems interesting… just for Kimishima Ao’s heroines. Akabeesoft being famous for DRM isn’t helping.

Looking back I’ve only finished 5 titles this year. I really need to pick up reading pace.

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Digest Vol. 109: Quiet week


Not really doing anything at the moment so I figured I should write this before returning to playing eroge. Or FGO.

Summer events are approaching! I’m not making usual event notes though because they’re a pain to maintain and the functionality has been replaced by Google Sheet.

Eroge playthrough

A bit slower than I hoped but I think I’m a bit over first half of Murasame route. Pretty interesting reveal which was hinted at Rena route.

Monday is holiday here so I should be able to finish Murasame route without problem. Then followed by Mako and lastly the subheroines.

Kamiyaba is still in line for next title.

Non-eroge playthrough

Finally watched Youkoso Kyoushitsu and seems pretty interesting. Mainly the system which forces dynamic of whole members of the class or something. We’ll see if it’s actually worth anything. Also has a bit of Oregairu vibe but.

Still going with FGO. Waiting for Okita so I still hasn’t done any gacha apart of the free ones.

Finally continuing this ero LN illustrated by Yukie. Passed the introduction (a long while ago) and now almost completely consisted of just ero scenes. Probably can finish next weekend.

Wasting money

Nothing much this week either. I thought Cuffs summer store starts this week but it didn’t.

I had to replace one of my hard drives though.

Sold some stuff for a total of around 10k. Not too bad. I’ll put up more stuff later this week.

Still considering whether or not to drop Da Capo so there’s that as well.

I put in budget for Cuffs stuff and other summer events and it currently looks a bit dangerous with probably record-setting red numbers. Some of them are for end of August though and I hope I overshoot events budget again.

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Digest Vol. 108: Busy week


Continuing the usual “I need to sleep”. Overall busy week thanks to various backlogs and required cleanups after two week absence.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Yoshino’s route. Uses one of the less interesting pattern for inserting the H scenes. Also I think it’s weaker than Rena’s.

Didn’t sure if I should go Muramasa or Mako so I consulted dice and it said Muramasa. So, yeah, here I come, εΉΌεˆ€!

I hope I can finish the whole routes by the end of this week.

Apparently I’ll play Kamiyaba after finishing this Senren Banka.

Non-eroge stuff

Watched some anime. Picking up Fate/Apocrypha and NTR. And maybe Jitsuryoku Kyoshitsu.

Originally wanted to watch Symphogear as well but I haven’t watched GX so maybe later.

Not much progress on LN side.

Oh and I started FGO (a bit more seriously).

Wasting money

Bought some vocal albums and soundtracks. Last one was a bit expensive. Not much else.

Sold about 20k worth of stuff this week.

Goodwill cancelled Omokage Rail Back preorder and refunded everyone. Another 20k freed here. Not sure if I’ll preorder from somewhere else.

I’m considering cancelling Omokage Rail Back. I’ll probably won’t get chance to play it anyway because there are too many higher priority games at the moment.

While at it, I’ll probably drop some games I currently own for similar reason. There just isn’t much point holding into them when it’s not feasible in the first place.

Together with the games, will also drop more tapestries as well. Not really news here though. Just need to be a bit more aggressive.

My budget sheet still looks pretty terrible thanks to the updated style. Should look much better once my pay this month comes in so I just need to hold back until it comes.

That said, Cube summer goods is coming as well and I forgot to allocate anything for it ;D

…I need to fix my budget before I go under.

Dc3dd (and the whole series) is still up for dropping. Just need to convince myself enough that it’s not happening. Also, 1024×576 (at least up to dc3wy).

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