Digest Vol. 37 – Brilliant Idea

Me and my “brilliant” ideas. Usually end up swallowed deep in a quagmire. Heh.

It’s something about my eroge playing order (also known as forever backlog clearance). The one I’ve been having was simple: play the latest release after finishing whatever currently played. It worked good enough until I noticed that due to my preference most of the ones I’ve been playing are charage (character-focused game).

Then I modified it a bit few weeks ago to allow interleaving with whichever game I want to play. It worked kind of well though switching between games isn’t the easiest thing to do due to writing style changes (and my lack of Japanese knowledge). For same reason my pace feels like slowed down a bit as well.

About a week later I noticed I have another problem: my playing speed can’t catch up with slightly unrelated own rule of hug pillow cover. It’s basically switch bi-weekly with the ones I’ve played game of (or at least completed the character’s route) or just originals. Also avoid having from same illustrator in succession to prevent getting bored because of (sometimes) sameface thingy. At current point I’ll run out of unused covers and must either break my rule by using the unplayed ones or looping it already. Now I write it, I think I’ve had similar problem at the end of last year and was kind of helped by influx of new covers.

The new idea is simple: just play the ones I have cover of 😀 The order is probably the same as before – descending from the latest. At my current list it means I’ll be playing either Ama no Sora Retrospect or Sakura no Uta. There’s also Primal x Hearts 2 but I kind of need to first play the first one so it’ll be done last. Currently considering Sakura no Uta but I’m not sure yet. Also will probably still be interleaved with another game. Still not sure on that part yet – I could interleave with from hug pillow cover list or the latest or maybe even whatever I want. Though I figured I should just clear up the cover list as first priority.

As I’m still partway on another games, the plan shall be executed after I finished those. Just finished Sahori’s route of Quintuple Splash this Saturday and currently going through Nostalgia’s Misaki route. At current rate I think I should be able to finish them in two weeks at the latest.

February is ending soon! Which means budget reset! I managed to save a bit over the minimum amount I set. Though if I combine with previous month it means I only reached half the target… for both months (I not only failed last month but actually went negative). Next month isn’t helping either with release of the new 4″ iPhone which I’ll probably get since I prefer small phones and hopefully better choices for phone case.


New Stuff

goods: Eroge Release Day 2016-02 Loots

Various stuff from release day. Posters, tin badge, stickers, bookmarks, clear files, pamphlets, stickers, etc. Some stuff are doubled because I did it twice (World Election).

shikishi: Alia's Carnival! Double Package - Early Pre-order, shikishi: Otome Domain - Early Pre-order

Early pre-order shikishis. Left one is for Alia’s Carnival Double Package. Character is the big breasted loli, Inori. Illustrated by Nanao Naru.

Right one is my first male character shikishi. Minato Asuka from Otome Domain. Also included a trial disc. I said male but he looks perfectly female so it’s okay.

game: Mamiya-kun Chi no Itsutsugo Jijou

Another incest game from Cube! Not that the setting makes any sense whatsoever. From Goodwill. Backlog forever?

tapestry: Mamiya-kun Chi no Itsutsugo Jijou - Goodwill

The tapestry. Moeri so cute :3 For this one I actually like her better than Nekoto. Not saying much though since she’s actually the second character sorted by flatness (heh). Another three tapestries on the way.

Another unusual one from Goodwill with it not being a assembled type. Feels a bit yellow-ish but probably intentional thanks to that table lamp on the side. Thin material as usual.

goods: Mamiya-kun Chi no Itsutsugo Jijou - Acrylic Keychains

Acrylic keychains of Mamiya-kun. Initially intended to only do it once but since the one I got was one of the worst possibilities, I decided to fuck it and do another round. Thankfully got Nekoto though I really hoped for an SD character. This is one of the rare cases I prefer SD design for.

game: Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous

Another rare purchase from Gamers. Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous. The included mini towel is nice addition.

tapestry: Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous - Gamers

The tapestry. Character is Misono Tsubura. A childhood friend, it seems. One of two heroines I like in this game. There are two other potentially interesting tapestries but I don’t have enough budget for them I’m slowly bidding on them with low budget. Not that I’m lacking tapestries from this series anyway.

There are strings on both rods but I took off the bottom one as usual. Thin material as usual. Print quality is okay.

game: World Election

World Election. Whirlpool’s 10th anniversary game and involves all their illustrators. Bought off official store because they have bonus shikishis. Another backlog forever?

tapestry: World Election - Official

The tapestry. Mushua Cellecut (what kind of name is that). The only subscharacter getting a tapestry. From official store no less. I bet someone in the company really likes her design and vetoed the character candidate or something.

Thin material, not too bad color, and assembled type (hence all the creases).

tapestry: World Election - Goodwill

I actually bought the full set with this one but sold the game almost immediately. Sharo Parfil, the token loli. Getting full set from Mamizu off YJA as usual and currently waiting for shipment.

Unusual from Goodwill, this isn’t the assembled type but just completely normal tapestry. Color is on “need slight level adjustment.” Thin material as usual.

tapestry: World Election - Sofmap

And then from Sofmap. YJA as usual. Another double suede tapestry from Sofmap. Though I don’t really like the construction style since it is almost impossible to wash thanks to hard strip stitched on both ends. Or so I think since I haven’t actually opened it.

tapestry: World Election - Melonbooks

And this one is from Melonbooks. Nothing extraordinary apart of the price.

tapestry: World Election - Getchu

Lastly from Getchu. Mamizu sure did a lot of illustrations for tapestry. Not that I’m complaining though it can use a bit more Parfil instead of Kururu.

tapestry: Quintuple Splash - Official Store 2015 Winter

Apparently this is my first Mikeou tapestry. Sae from Quintuple Splash. Double suede material, nice printing, etc. Also, uncensored.

hug pillow cover: Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori - Nanoka


\o/ Nanoka \o/


One of the long-awaited hug pillow cover! Finally arrived!

Nanoka from Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori. Illustrated by Chikotam. No censoring whatsoever as usual from Parasol.

hug pillow cover: Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsu Yasumi C84 Yomi (1)

And lastly, yet another hug pillow cover. Yomi from Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsu Yasumi. Inugami Kira sure draws some of the best lolis.

hug pillow cover: Kiss to Maou to Darjeeling - Lycerisious H. Kirigasaki 2

Didn’t even expect to get this one but someone sold this for 5000 JPY. It’s Chikotam loli so pretty much an instant get. Second hug pillow of Lycerisious H. Kirigasaki from Kiss to Maou to Darjeeling. No idea which edition this is since it’s been resold repeatedly quite a few times from what I gather. Seems quite authentic and there’s no noticeable problem apart of smelling smoke a bit. Immediately purified by washing machine. Haven’t played the game and probably will not. Maybe. (this is the part where I buy game next week, amirite?) Oh look, the game is only 780 JPY.

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