Digest Vol. 97 – More distractions


Sun is barely up this time around. I originally planned to sleep an hour ago though…

I have a feeling I’m forgetting something. I guess I’ll just put it up on next post if I can remember it.

Eroge playthrough

Still too much distraction this week. Or maybe the protagonist being irritating helped me distracting myself. I sure hope the other two routes will fare better than the first two I’m going through.

I think I’m around halfway of Serika’s route. With events coming this weekend, I doubt I can finish other routes. At least the next week will be mostly days off so it should help speeding things up.

Wasting money

Sold about five things this week for a total of about 30k yen. Not too bad. Also put up a few more stuff lying around. And as quite a few items get price down this week, hopefully more stuff will be sold next week. Or not because people exhausted their money from Comic1.

Then I bought more of Alice Gram tapestries (Melonbooks).

As Cuffs started their spring goods preorder, I’m looking at spending a bit over 45k yen which is 5k more than I originally planned. Whoops. Gayarou’s new tapestry is looking pretty awesome though (and lewd). Two Kamiyaba covers aren’t helping either. Not sure about Hulotte Songs Best but I guess I’ll just grab it for now…? White Ribbon character songs seem a bit difficult to gather but then again I have no plan to play it at the moment.

Other than that there’s the other Koikano tapestry I’ve been missing and One Room Tora no Ana blu-ray.

It’s only one week away from Comic1 but I haven’t made my list. At least I did for Character1 and I’m looking at 19k to 37k spending. There doesn’t seem to be many interesting stuff for Comic1 itself so I hope I don’t exceed my current budget of 150k. Either way it’s already too much but I keep exceeding my budget so I figured I should just prepare for something stupid high.


New stuff

Finally bought this. Hug pillow cover of original character drawn by Ikegami Akane produced by Stylus. Released last year.

The one nicer tapestry from Himekuri series I found out during the second (last?) batch preorder. Illustrated by Nagishiro Mito.

And the accompanying tapestry for free shipping, illustrated by Shiwasu Horio. There are two others but they weren’t as good so to YJA they go.

Litter sister from Nekonin Exheart. If only the boobs are smaller ;_;

Goodwill tapestry bonus of D.C.III.P.P. Found in YJA for cheap-ish at total of around 3200 yen.

And the pair. There are only a pair of sticks because it’s Goowill being weird so I used my spare sticks which unfortunately are all black.

Also both of them need ironing.

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