Digest Vol. 110: Preparation


Three weeks to Denkigai and Comiket. Information is slowing coming out as well. My copy of catalog should arrive soon so I should start updating my list.

Eroge playthrough

Didn’t manage to finish Mako’s route this week. Not really surprising. I think I’m not even a third of her route yet. I guess I can finish it before this weekend.

There’s no change on plan so Kamiyaba is still up next. What comes after it is still undecided though. Most likely one of Cube’s titles. Or Sakumori 2.

Non-eroge stuff

NTR is getting quite interesting. And light beams.

Youshitsu is also slowly revealing stuff. With surprising end at the end of episode 2. Maybe I’ll read the LN later.

Tenshi no 3P is, well, Tenshi no 3P. It’s almost like Ro-Kyu-Bu but with music instead. And more lewds. And consciousness about being lolicon or something.

On LN side, finished Tsuntsun ojou-sama no dere yome shuugyou as planned. The later chapters is indeed mostly filled with tsundere sex (?). Even the ending is still tsundere. Not that I’m complaining. They should’ve put sex scene with maid as well though. Or something like 3P πŸ˜€

With that over, now resume Te no hira no koi to sekai no ou no musume-tachi. Long title is long. Or LN title is LN title. Sounds redundant. At 6%, I haven’t even passed introduction yet. Nothing interesting in sight… yet (I want to believe πŸ˜€ ). It’s got Shiromochi Sakura though so there’s at least that.

End of next month will see release of the third installment of Kageppuchi kara hajimeru sekai jyumyou no nobashi kata. The ending of second volume was quite devastating so I’m looking forward to how they continue from that.

Finished main quests of summer Fate/GO events. Just need some Gae Bolgs so I can have NP5 Schatch and as many materials as possible for CE and misc items.

Wasting money

Another preorder for Melonbooks doujin tapestry set was started. This time from Hisama Kumako. It’ll be a bit dangerous if they continue this…

There’s also this lewd tapestry from Game-Style. It’s double suede as well.

Cuffs (and Hulotte) summer goods store has been opened. No interesting hug pillow cover from Cuffs side so looks like I’ll only be getting Gayarou original and Kurafuta tapestries. Didn’t expect there’s even more Kurafuta tapestry coming out. And no Mamiya. What is this.

Unfortunately Hulotte is having separate store again this time so I’ll be paying shipping fee twice. Current plan is to get everything.

All said, the total is half of what I allocated. The number still looks pretty dumb though.

Thankfully I sold quite a few stuff in YJA this week. Or more accurately three high priced items (and some minor items). Yuzu-Soft sure is popular. And so is Tateha (kind of).

If everything goes well, I should have clean balance again. With almost zero buffer. Budget for summer events is still vague so that actually the worst case. I hope.

Talking about worst case, K-Books’ Chikotam tapestry will be up for sale on Comiket third day. The bright side is everyone will probably be in Big Sight as well. That means I don’t have much time before rushing to Akiba. I’m targeting to finish before 1 PM. Hopefully it will still be available.

On eroge planning (ha ha ha planning), this month will be quite a… few. Hatsujou sprinkle, Sakumori 2, Fuyuuso, and Mashimaro.

Next month is thankfully empty.

But there will be DC3DD, Omokage railback, Farnesse, Onikin 2, and Sakukoi in September. I’m planning to drop the first two though so that will leave me with three.

Sakukoi seems “fine”. The eyes still look pretty bad but at least a bit better compared to the previous one.

Whereas Onikin 2 just looks suspiciously derpy to me. I don’t like the designs for new heroines and the new CGs for previous heroines didn’t look all that good either.

On November there will be Cube’s next title! Many excite. A bit sad it’s not 100% Kanekiyo Miwa but at least she seems to be doing the flat-chested heroine. Yay.

Back to October, there’s none yet. Akabeesoft’s Maho roba seems interesting… just for Kimishima Ao’s heroines. Akabeesoft being famous for DRM isn’t helping.

Looking back I’ve only finished 5 titles this year. I really need to pick up reading pace.


Non-news links

New stuff

More lewd radio. Still need to listed to previous two though. I think I finished the first volume.

Kantoku’s latest artbook! Comes in fancy box which is a bit too small creasing the cover a bit =|

The content is pretty much usual artbook. Half of it is original/doujin arts. There’s barely any Cube stuff.

Bonus tapestry from Melonbooks. Double suede.

The feet seem a bit off but still tolerable for me. Totally doesn’t look like they’re licking dicks. Ha ha ha.

My favorite out of his original characters. Or at least the same level as Shizuku.

Even more tapestry from Yukie \o/ I just noticed the genital area is properly drawn.

Double suede and thankfully no noticeable crease this time.

I thought it’s Kana but apparently not.

Closing words?

Over one thousand words! And of course no proofreading πŸ˜€ I’m so sleepy now. I didn’t have enough sleep last night either. I want to at least pass this confession scene first though…

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