Digest Vol. 113: And done!


One day late because I spent the whole night cleaning up and arranging stuff. Not even done yet. I also have a backlog of over 4000 unread feed items.

Eroge playthrough

Barely any progress because of events and stuff.

Non-eroge stuff

A bit late but went as usual. Cleared up some manga while waiting at the events.

Wasting money

With all the events, I think I didn’t miss too far off from my original budget. Slightly better, even.

Definitely the lowest spending between last few event months.

Unexpectedly sold a bunch of CDs in YJA. And even a doujin which I mistakenly bought twice. Sold it for a 50yen profit.

Overall, I bought 672,000 yen worth of stuff and sold them back for 550,000 yen. Well, that’s just the rough number with conservative approximation for original stuff cost. Even then, at 80% of original spending, I think it’s pretty good.

As mentioned before, I’ll be putting up more stuff for auction so my balance should be even better or at least not getting worse for the rest of the month.

Events log

Denkigai 2017 Summer

As most of the stuff I wanted are available for order online, I didn’t rush this time around. Arrived around 8 AM.

Queued first for Alcot. It was pretty bad. Apparently they have some kind of trouble at the beginning. Too few hours until finally gotten my stuff.

Picked up minori stuff from someone and then walked around after grabbing Hatsujou Sprinkle drink first.

And then ended up buying more stuff than I initially planned 😀

C92 day 1

As I didn’t have any high priority stuff planned for corporate booths, I arrived at around 2:30 PM. Most of the booths I visited have no lines except for Sprite and Kadokawa.

Looked around a bit and then back to first Sprite and lastly Kadokawa. I think I still queued a bit for Kadokawa at past 3 PM.

C92 day 2

Spent whole day clearing up RSS feed backlog and planning for day 3.

C92 day 3

First train as usual. Got into hall 1/2/3 at 10:15, visited Yukie.

Was quick-ish. Or at least didn’t feel too slow. Then grabbed whatever I could from that area. Shiromochi Sakura surprisingly didn’t have line. On the other hand Yuizaki had quite a line. Probably getting the Elf pillow cover. Most of wall circles had line as usual though I didn’t pay too much attention.

Jumped to hall 4/5/6, cleared whatever I could. Notable long line for this area was Shino. Or more like I didn’t know how long it would be and apparently it’s pretty long.

Done with that hall, went to hall 7. I didn’t get lost this time around. Takoyaki booth was relatively quiet. So was Nanao Naru. Except that one was because most of the stuff were already sold out. Whoops. At least I only planned to get the set. Quite a long line for tiv so I skipped it.

Back to hall 1/2/3, cleared whatever I could. Notable unexpected long lines were Anmi (Mashu pillow cover?) and eterna-radiare (same). Unfortunately some of the booths haven’t started selling the book without sets so I skipped quite a lot here.

Finally went to station to head for Akiba around 1 PM. Probably my earliest ever.

Later I find out Pan goods set lasted quite a long time. Whoops.

Arrived at Akiba, fetched K-Books tapestries. Not much queue. I even went back to grab more Chikotam tapestry to be sold later :>

Went to Jiku-Chu hoping for this tapestry but neither of two stores have it ;_;

A bit lost finding Tenplant store but then found it out somehow and thankfully it was free entry. I guess everyone went to Melonbooks because it’s got lines just to enter the store.

Talking about Melonbooks, checked out the new Uribou store just to find out there’s new lewd Pan tapestry but already sold out (ノ・_・)ノ︵ ┻━┻

And that’s it.


Taking a break due to still catching up news.

Non-news links

Taking a break because lazy.

New stuff

9-kokoiro soundtrack! Yay! Now play the game! Or something. Sure wish it’s in jewel CD case.

Alia’s Carnival completestest soundtrack. Apparently this includes everything and more. Now I have two redundant CD sets and two almost-redundant CDs. Almost redundant because this one doesn’t have karaoke version of the OP/ED.

More Aokana songs. This thing just never ends. See comment above about jewel CD case.

Doujins! Voice drama doujins!

Left one is from Yaki Ubu and half voice drama, half radio… thingy?

Right one is from Sweet Little Kiss.

Haven’t checked either.

And more dramas. From Sukisuki. Not sure if worth it. I haven’t even played the game.

I almost forgot about this one. Trinoline voice drama set. I don’t remember what the extras are. Towel or something? I think it’s got acrylic something as well. I just checked and indeed hand towel and acrylic character stand.

The doujins of C92. The best one is of course Ikegami Akane’s FGO book. Followed by Chikotam (not enough though!) and then Yukie.

As for manga, I think I liked Ryo’s most at the moment. Still haven’t read some though.

The only stuff from Kadokawa this time. Usual Moeoh stuff. I think they’ve got t-shirts as well but I don’t do t-shirts.

The long awaited hug pillow cover of Anri from Clover Day’s. On related note, I’ve sold Anzu cover 😀

And the second pillow cover of Kana by Yukie.

This one is Kanna. 2017 version (left) and 2015 version (right). The color is visibly more… shiny on the new one. Now I looked at the page, they’re indeed different the actual thing seems to be even more saturated.

9-kokoiro set. Wasn’t sure if I want this. Contains voice drama which is the main reason I got this and random bonus.

Well, the random bonus turned out to be face towel which is welcome.

And useless clear files.

Talking about useless clear files, I got quite a few this time from doujin sets. Bottom left is a  mysterious acrylic stand attached to bottle cap.

Not pictured but I still got paper bag this time. From WNB. Thankfully that’s it.

Obligatory Comiket drink. Looks like some sports drink.

And then some holy water from Hatsujou Sprinkle. Apparently they’re selling this in bulk of 10 online at the moment.

Senren Banka‘s Murasame pillow cover. And this concludes my pillow cover collection. I think. Those are rare nowadays. And nobody seem to agree on the size either.

Extras from Yuzusoft Shop. The thumbnail was pretty bad I didn’t notice Meguru is hugging whoever it is. Should’ve gotten something else.

Tapestry of Nanao from Floflo by Pikatto Anime. I can’t find any information of this (and the accompanying Kano tapestry) it’s almost mythical. Bought at Denkigai. They didn’t sell it during Comiket from what I can tell.

Double suede as usual. Print quality is good as usual as well.

K-Books 2017 summer tapestries! First time buying this from the store. Double suede etc.

Got this twice because I’m so nice, helping people who can’t go to the event to get this 🙂 For highest bidder, of course 🙂

Talking about first time, this is my first Coffee Kizoku tapestry that’s not tiny-sized.

I wasn’t sure if I want this but I figured at worst I can just sell this back. His tapestries usually sell back for pretty good money.

No idea why despite his low profile apart of E-2 and relatively heavy problem of same-everything.

And the second one. The very exhibit of same-everything. Not that I hate it or anything.

And last one. From Pan. The eyes are a bit too big so I hesitated a bit. Still ended up getting it anyway though ha ha ha.

And so I blew over 10k in K-Books.

Talking about not sure, I wasn’t sure about this either. Tapestry from Inagaki Miiko, naked version. For some reason the strings were attached to the wrong side. I guess whoever did it didn’t realize she’s laying on floor.

Double suede of course otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten this. Print quality is okay-ish on a bit rough side.

Mascot girls of Yukie. A2 sized. Didn’t plan to get this but then curious about the material so got this in the end. Looks rather… weird? Not shiny though so that’s a good thing.


Not from Comiket 92. Tapestry by Kiba Satoshi. Double suede with good print. Gotten for cheap from Suruga-Ya.

I’ve seen this before! Sanoba Witch tapestry of Nene. Double suede edition. As this was specially drawn instead of recycling from game CG or somewhere else, the print quality is nice.

Now I need to sell the old edition.

And lastly the best heroine of Otome Domain. This is actually circle stuff (Tatekawa Mako’s WNB) instead of official goods.

Too bad it’s thin material. So thin the door line at the back is rather visible.


This took longer to write than I expected. I didn’t even do the links section.

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