Digest Vol. 114: Slow week


Hi. Early for once.

Eroge playthrough

On Suzuna route. Much slower than I hoped ;_; (as usual)

Shouldn’t take too long! I think! I shall finish two routes by end of this week! We’ll see. (not happening)

No plan change at the moment.

Non-eroge stuff

As usual.

Wasting money

Pre-ordered Kamiyaba PSV from WonderGoo. Will do another pre-order from Sofmap but I’m still not sure where to buy it from. Probably more from Yahoo! Shopping. Also now I look again, I should’ve bought WonderGoo stuff from Yahoo! as well. They have better bonus.

Also cleared up all Sweet Little Kiss stuff (which then realized DMM has better discount and point compared to DLsite).

Did some other pre-orders like Dengekiya and Denkigai.

It’s about 40000 yen in total.

And then auction stuff went pretty good. The two stuff which I know will sell for quite good did… exceptionally good. With one of them sold for over 500% of purchase price. Hopefully the transaction will go well. Seems fine. The end result is it almost pays my entire spending for last week.

On eroge spending, there are quite a few coming up.

First is Kamiyaba PSV from Sofmap as mentioned above. Will place preorder whenever I get my T-point bonus.

And then Parasol’s latest game. Official store for full game, and then the voice drama from auction as usual. There is also soundtrack which will be sold separately.

October is empty. I don’t think anything new will come up so I guess it will stay empty.

There’s only Yurauka for November. Not sure where to get full game from but will at least get full set of voice drama and Kanekiyo Miwa tapestries.

Pillow cover drawn by Chikotam will be up for pre-order as well end of this month so there’s that.

I hope I didn’t forget anything.

Also still need to put up more stuff for auction…


Non-news links

New stuff

Pan first? artbook. Mostly originals going back from 2012 or maybe even earlier. Quite interesting seeing the change over time. Well, kind of, because it’s not sorted by time.

Melonbooks underwears artbook as the title says. Nothing interesting beyond the usual suspects.

Yuzaki Kazuya C92 book. One of them at least. Pretty good :>

Comes with artbook as Melonbooks bonus. Thin material. Print is okay-ish. Wish there’s a bit more for the background; not just plain white and random triangles.

Pan tapestry from Melonbooks. Another almost-R18 tapestry with mystery fluids around her thighs and butts and almost-visible nipple covered by the paw-glove.

Double suede as usual from Uribou Zakkaten. Thankfully there’s no visible fold mark this time.

The bonus from Yuizaki book above. Double suede as well. The important line is almost visible. Her head is slightly big?

Closing words

Only 1 AM and I’m ready to sleep. Yay. I’m planning to move back my sleep schedule from 5 AM – 1 PM to 1 AM – 9 AM.


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