Digest Vol. 115: Bye August


And welcome September \o/ (soon)

Eroge playthrough

And I’m still at Suzuna’s route! I think I’m at least halfway her route now. About to enter the good part.

Didn’t expect the certain scene of Suzuna. It’s welcome though =D

Non-eroge stuff

I’m done with FGO summer event. There are still the four star fous left but I don’t think I have team capable of clearing them.

Wasting money

Did some preorder which increased the total spending for this month a bit higher than I wanted.

Thankfully there are some unexpected stuff being sold as well which kind of balance thing out.

Got quite a lot of Yahoo points as well which helped.

October is still empty. Yay.

There’s only Yurauka for November. It’s a bit annoying though because I want the retail shikishi bonus but none of the stores have interesting bonus apart of CD. Trader was a possibility but then their Shinjuku store is closing next month. That left me with Sofmap and Melonbooks. Best candidate is Sofmap at the moment. Or just auction the shikishi? At any rate, it looks like I’ll be getting multiple copies of the game.

There will also be autumn event this year. No idea how much that will cost me.


Not much for this week.

Non-news links

New stuff

Some more C92 (and Comic1-11) doujins. Two from Tora no Ana, one from Melonbooks. The DLaction one is a bit ?_?

More C92 doujins from Melonbooks. There are some more coming later.

And lastly another Melonbooks C92 doujin (?) tapestry. This one is from Hisama Kumako (moco chouchou).

Usual Melonbooks double suede tapestry.

Closing words

Short post \o/

On unrelated note, 25°C is still too cold.

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