Digest Vol. 116: What now


Uneventful week.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Suzuna route.

Now in Nanami. Almost halfway, I think? Pretty fast considering I only started this weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

Slowing down with FGO. Still need more high level servants to clear the highest level quests. Also need to actually finish the main story.

A bit behind on anime and no progress on light novels.

Wasting money

Chikotam pillow cover incoming! RIP 10k.

And then there’s also Melonbooks Uribou tapestries incoming. Looks like I’ll spend at least 21k for those.

Hatsujou Sprinkle pillow cover also up for pre-order but I’m holding back this time to buy it at one of the later events because shipping is almost 1k. Closest event would be character1 oct.2017.

Didn’t buy anything major otherwise this whole week. Good job, me. Or maybe just there’s nothing left to buy. Ha.

It’s of course still early to be happy.

Sold a few stuff this week. Fewer than hoped because I put up about 20 new stuff last week. I probably set the starting bid a bit too high. At least I should get about 12k if nothing goes wrong.

Will put up more stuff later this week.  Including some computer stuff.


That’s all =o

Non-news links

New stuff

One of the lewdest all ages book from Kantoku release at C92. Sure wish he just go R-18 at this point.

Another even-numbered month, another Dengeki Moeoh. Mainly for Tinkle book because it’s not included in digital version. There’s also bonus clear file from Melonbooks but not included in photo because I forgot about it when taking the photo. The image is from Hagure Yuuki pinup.

Hulotte summer stuff has arrived \o/ Starting off with Mao from Kamiyaba. All that’s left are… all the main heroines except Urara =|

And of course Cuffs as well. More Gayarou tapestries. Still using thin pipes which top one is already bent as shown in the photo above ;_;

And Kamiyaba \o/ For some reason Suzuna’s nipples aren’t showing.

And Urara \o/ Also bent pipe.

Kurafuta sure lasts pretty long. Also bent pipe. Damn it Cuffs ;_;

Almost forgotten, Trinoline tapestry from Moeoh. It looks like it’s not printed by A&J anymore. Missing the usual tag, using different plastic bag, and seems to be slightly lower quality than usual.

Closing words

Almost 5 AM. Should sleep after this second h-scene of Nanami.

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