Digest Vol. 117: Suddenly fast


I’m not sure why but suddenly this blog feels much faster than before. I don’t remember making any major changes apart of resetting blocksize to default and perhaps updating PHP.

Oh well, great. Apparently I tuned some OPcache parameters earlier last week.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Nanami arc. Just like Suzuna, hers is relatively simple and looking again, it’s pretty short.

Now almost halfway through Yukari. She sure is the best heroine =D

Long weekend next week and nothing major planned so I should be able to finish everything by then.

Will play sequels after this as planned months ago.

Non-eroge playthrough

A bit stalled on anime except for Youshitsu.

A bit too much FGO on the other hand. Whoops.

Wasting money

Placed some pre-orders and stuff. And finally got this Kantoku tapestry. Or at least it was up for sale and I immediately grabbed it. Hopefully it’s not some kind of dumb mistake.

Sold quite a lot of stuff as well which balanced the spending.

Finally sorted all the doujin books and now left with around 100 books for disposal. Putting them up for auction sounds pretty annoying because most of them will be put up for only around 100-500 yen which is not really worth the effort. I will probably end up just dumping them to Suruga-Ya after asking around if anyone want some of the stuff. Probably.


Non-news links

New stuff

Apparently those are the only new stuff for this week. A bunch of C92 (and earlier) stuff from Melonbooks. They sure were slow.

Closing words

Pretty short this time around. A bit busy with Kamiyaba and FGO =D

That and there’s nothing much to talk about anyway.

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