Digest Vol. 123: Yays

A bit late due to various reasons but looks like quite a few things happened this week. Some new titles, and tapestries. Then gotten a bunch of tapestries from Denkigai, auctioned off some Goei tapestries and some others. This week’s auctions ended up pretty good as well, allowing me to waste some more money. Nothing much on eroge and non-eroge progression though.

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Digest Vol. 121: Before events


Early for once before I continue Sakumori 2 and other stuff. Oh whoops ended up not writing this up until now. Apparently next week is Comic1 week and I haven’t checked my list. No idea how it will go either because this is the first autumn Comic1 (and character1).

Eroge playthrough

Barely progressed thanks to various stuff including random anime watch, cleanup, etc.

The jumping back and forth is kind of interesting but the timelines weren’t in parallel until a bit later. And wasn’t obvious. It wasn’t obvious either on the first series so I guess there’s no change there.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO still took a lot of time. At least I finished first Halloween event. Up next getting some exp cards.

Autumn anime series have started. Not sure about the whole plan but currently following Imouto sae ireba ii and Konohana kitan. Fate/Apocrypha from previous season is still ongoing as well it seems. Not sure about other series.

Still need to catch up Tenshi no 3P!.

Wasting money

Only spent a few thousands this week. Doing pretty good so far though I think I’ll spend some for Urahime tapestry from Takoyaki. That one can be put off until next month though and I’ll probably do that because they’re planning to add some more for this month release.

Sold quite a few stuff thanks to lower starting bid. Some gains, mostly loss (when compared to how much I spent initially).

I have some more lined up but need to find them first. A bunch of tapestries as usual. At least those are usually not much loss.

Also looking at dropping a bunch of pillow covers as well. I don’t think I have any high value covers though which means about 50% loss.

Overall, tapestries usually sell for pretty good with average at about 90% of original purchase price. Which is a bit crazy. Mainly thanks to the fact that opening tapestries has almost no effect to its value which is not possible with most other collectibles. Pillow covers currently at 70% which is not bad but not remotely close to tapestries. Meanwhile games are currently at 50%.

Overall doing pretty good. Mainly because limiting purchases of pillow covers. It alone cleared a big chunk in my budget.

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Digest Vol. 120: More backlogs


I almost put off doing this and sleep straight away. But then I regained some willpower thanks to my room’s mess exceeding threshold and made me do some room cleanup and thus not feeling sleepy anymore.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Kamiyaba! It was good. Missing harem route though. Or at least a 3P with Urara and Yukari. Fandisk plsthx.

Some nice surprise at climax of Urara route though felt a bit short. The h-scenes angles can use a bit better work as well. At least they’re trying to be creative though with dialog box at the top due to unusual perspective.

Two months to clear. Holy what.

Continuing to Sakumori 2. It’s pretty short according to VNDB. Maybe I can safely predict I can finish this by next long weekend?

Playing it reminded me I haven’t listened to the OST at all.

Non-eroge playthrough

Caught up with everything but Tenshi no 3P. Planned to catch up after finishing Kamiyaba but apparently that didn’t happen. Maybe sometime this week.

Wasting money

So I did manage to break monthly saving record thanks to the guy buying my earphone paying on the right time.

I don’t think I can break another record or even close because there are some events this month. Or maybe if I get around selling more stuff (with added bonus of less messy room) I can somehow make it?

Current plan is some K-Books tapestries, some Marmalade and Whirlpool pillow covers and Yurauka pre-orders. Even just those almost broke 100k. Whoops. I probably should drop some.

I haven’t budgeted for events.

On eroge pre-orders, there’s still nothing for October, one for November (Yurauka), and another one for December (Kinkoi). Additionally there are Whirlpool’s Nekonin fandisk and Alcot’s Shogun-sama wa otoshigoro which release dates are still unkown.

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Digest Vol. 119: Not long weekend


More like one wasted holiday because it’s on Saturday. And then there’s this Ore no Yome event I attended the first time as well.

Event memo

Ore no Yome, a hug pillow event. Yeah, it’s a thing. Apparently this is the 23rd. Held at PiO event hall.

The place is actually only 5km away from my place so I rode bicycle to go there. Thankfully the weather is pretty good with a lot of clouds and no rain. I forgot to bring water though.

I think I arrived around 2:30. The event starts at 1. AMR has sold out when I arrived. And has went back home when I actually look for it.

The hall itself is pretty small with company booth on one side, flea market on another side, and circles in the middle.

There’s also a draw for something but I didn’t bother waiting so I don’t know what it’s about.

Entrance isn’t free just like almost any other events but Comiket. It costed 1000.

Put simply, I entered the hall, walked around a bit, realized I should buy the thing I wanted first so I did that, loitered around and finally went back home. With transportation it took about 2 hours total. Mainly because I didn’t after anything high profile so there’s no queue at all.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Hanayo route. Took a bit longer than I hoped as usual.

Now at Urara route. I think I’m halfway through her route. Seems to be relatively good so far.


Everything except FGO is on back burner until I finish Kamiyaba.

Wasting money

Bought the latest stylus Hanamakura series pillow cover designed by Ikegami Akane \o/

Also placed some the planned pre-orders. Nothing much else.

Sold some more stuff including unused graphics card and earphones. The last two were won by a new user with zero reputation. I hope they actually pay for the thing.

There isn’t much else for this month. Well, it’s ending next week anyway.

Oh, apparently this is the last post for this month. I survived this month well. Might even break the savings record since 2015. Barring anything unexpected, I should be able to invest in something by next or following month. Though maybe I’ll just wait until next year because preparing the documents until then will be annoying since it involves going to Shibuya Ward Office.

Just remembered I should also send the stuff for Suruga-Ya. The box has been taking my room precious space for a while now. That one is going to be solved in different way by getting a wire shelf thingy but I should still send it regardless.

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Digest Vol. 118: Long weekend


Got even lazier this whole weekend. Need more holidays.


Finished Yukari and Mao routes.

Yukari route is pretty good overall. Her way of talking really got into me after a while. Thankfully she takes of her eye-patch in most H-scenes and no stupid hair covering the eyes. I like her route most (at the moment).

Also finished Mao route. Her reactions are pretty interesting. The simplest so far because she’s not one of the main heroines but I think it’s pretty good nonetheless. Especially liked the ending which closes up things well.

Current at Hanayo route. Not much into it yet but the beginning feels similar to Nanami route.

Finishing her route, up next would be the last one Urara’s which for some reason isn’t needed to unlock the two other sub heroines routes.


Still haven’t catch up on anime.

A bit behind in FGO as well because there just isn’t enough rate booster items I have. I hope I can at least grab all non-figure materials and then go full gacha box.

And hey, one free SR servant of choice is coming up. Finally can get Astolfo \o/

Wasting money

Sold some stuff this week. I probably should start lowering starting bid of some items already…

Not sure if I will put up some more stuff this week.

Haven’t sent stuff to Suruga-Ya either. Really should do that soon-ish.

As Sagaplanets announced their next title, the budgeting is also updated. If going well, I just grab the game (and bonus) from Amazon and get the rest from usual YJA guy. Currently looking at getting all drama CDs (first time from Sagaplanets) and tapestries except Eroina Heroina. I’m guessing a spending of 30-50k for them all.

Meanwhile back to Cube’s Yurauka, looking at the stuff I’m getting from stores and then potential from YJA, it looks like I may save more by buying everything directly from stores. Which is weird. Mainly because the usual guy increased the minimum stuff for free shipping to 6 items which is way above what I need from him (which is only three or maybe four). In the end, I will probably end up with stacks of Yurauka game box. I hope they’ll sell for at least 5000 yen. There’s web store version of shikishi as well which I don’t care about and will also sell for hopefully 500 yen each? According to twitter, this kakao guy is quite popular so I hope the price holds up.

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