Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori Visual Fan Book

Finally arrived \o/

2014-10-29 21.23.24

Gotten from Tora no Ana which comes with illustration paper. Contents are just as one can expect from a visual fan book. And unfortunately it turned out I didn’t miss any illustrations – as in I’ve seen all available illustrations for this series assuming it’s complete for all released stuff. But that cover illustration is quite… something.

I haven’t read the interview because :japanese: though one of the highlights says the next title will probably back to Parasol usual type.

On unrelated note, I don’t understand why it’s called “Fan Book” despite being an official book. My guess says it’s something along the line “book for fan”. Whatever.

Majo Koi Nikki Tapestry

Finally arrived from last Denkigai Matsuri (Summer 2014) online pre-order.

2014-10-25 12.29.26

Tokeizaka Rei from Majo Koi Nikki drawn by Asakura Hayate.

This is the water-resistant version usually called 射ペストリー (read: shapesutorii). The material feels a bit different (water resistant taffeta?) – definitely better than another water-resistant tapestry I saw before and has awesome print quality. It’s also more expensive than the double suede version. Mainly purchased because curiosity and additionally my bathroom can use some wall decorations.

Slowed down

Due to unwanted event last week, my progress is completely slowed down. A bunch of good anime this season doesn’t help either. Completed Tsugumi and Yuki routes and currently a bit past halfway Ayuka route. Hopefully I can clear her route this weekday and finish Kaede route this weekend (fat chance, especially with Sunshine Creation 65 this Sunday).

Or who knows, maybe I can finish through all the remaining routes this week? (even slimmer chance)

I also found out that playing nukige type game is slow because of different reason.