Koiiro Marriage / Luriastis – 2014 Winter Dakimakura Cover

For some reason my next post about dakimakura cover is the exact same character as previous one.

koiiro-dakimakura-2014h2-luriastisIt’s more explicit than I thought. Especially the left one.

The photo is even blurrier than usual for some reason but the print is really nice. Though that’s maybe just because I’ve used seeing lower quality cover from shop bonus. Also, I need to actually play the game.

Koiiro Marriage – Sofmap Special Dakimakura Cover

koiiro-sofmap-dakimakura-luriastisMy first dakimakura cover. Luriastis T. Mikuriya from Marmalade’s Koiiro Marriage, drawn by Chikotam. Bought last year for 3480 JPY from Amazon Marketplace.

I haven’t played the game though. Mainly bought because of Chikotam and I needed cheap dakimakura cover at the time for first trial into dakimakura business.

Hakoniwa Logic – Subroutes all done

2014-11-15 23.00.40
Because two is better than one.

Woo \o/ All that’s left are the two main routes. One is halfway and the other is less than a third. At this rate I think I can finish this by this (long) weekend.

Hakoniwa Logic – AMPnet Tapestry

Celebrating finally moving my server to something that doesn’t hang every other hour. The spec is probably worse than previous host but at least it’s stable.

2014-11-08 15.30.51Hakoniwa Logic tapestry, AMPnet/Goodwill special. I actually bought the whole thing new from the store because I couldn’t find it in auctions. Which means I have two copies of the game now. I’ll play the whole thing before deciding if it’s collection worthy or not (and proceeds to sell it).

I had to iron it because it’s badly creased (it’s the compact/folded type with separable pipes). It’s the first time I ironed a tapestry, I believe.

Unfortunately (?) it’s bigger than I expected but otherwise quite good.

One More Tapestry from Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori

Uh, yeah.

This is the one I originally preordered before later changed my mind and got one from official store instead. Bought this one from Amazon Marketplace at sufficiently inflated price (5900 JPY).

There is another Haruno/Nanoka tapestry coming next year. Unfortunately I can’t claim a complete collection of Nanoka tapestries because the last one I’m missing (Comroad) only available in one place now (Amazon Marketplace) and costs 9500 JPY. Way over my allowed budget. At least for this month.