Getchu Points Exchange No. 5 Tapestry

Finally obtained enough points to get one of their tapestry.

2015-03-25 22.40.09Illustrated by Kobuichi. The image itself isn’t available in usual source yet. Dem knee-socks and panchira :3

The coloring style is quite rare from Kobuichi. It feels less digital compared to his usual works. Overall quality is great with the image being sufficiently sharp and additionally helped with better material it is printed on. Definitely worth spending all my points on.

Thankfully they don’t charge for shipping.

eden* – minori Museum / A Tapestry

When visiting Akiba last Sunday to see Moeoh Gallery and looking for a certain tapestry (which I couldn’t find in the end), I stumbled upon this.

2015-03-22 23.46.58I’ve been looking for this for quite a long time albeit at a lower priority. There isn’t even any hint of presence of this being sold online (auction or whatever). Obtained from K-Books. The cost was okay at less than 2000 JPY.

Unfortunately the image itself is not as sharp as I hoped. But overall, it’s good since it’s Chikotam (and Sion) \o/

The material is usual minori suede. They really should start producing tapestries with double suede material instead…

Quick note on Collections page

I forgot to post about this but since the number of tapestries I have has exploded, it’s unwieldy as simple WordPress post. In meantime, I’ll just keep the photos updated in my public dropbox directory. I have private collections list but it’s not organized either so there are quite a lot of backlogs for me on that side as well.

I really shouldn't have done this
I really shouldn’t have done this

Just for reference, the current count is at 128 tapestries not including pre-orders.