Digest Vol. 19 – Money (and time) be where

World Election. Or in katakana, Wa-rudo erekushon.

Finished three routes of Chrono Clock (Makoto, Michiru, and Misaki) including the hscenes. Failing at concentrating this week and wasted by spending too much time on rearranging and cleaning room.

Plan for November is at least Hulotte’s Yomeyaba. I’m still not sure if I should go ahead with Koikata but considering what I have this month (three), my backlogs (craploads), and my current spending rate, I probably have to skip it. Doesn’t help that the illustrator, Kimishima Ao, is also doing Koikake, making it kind of redundant and she/he isn’t even on my watch list.

December release is also looking pretty confusing with at least Chelsea Soft’s Sorakoi and Parasol’s Quintuple Splash. Originally also planned for Onii-chan Teacher but considering I don’t even really half of the character and considering my backlog (as usual), I’ll probably ended up skipping it. But then there’s Ammolite’s new game, Onii-chan, oshiete… which looks kind of interesting. At least that one is single route and costs like 3000 jpy. So I may do end up getting it. There’s also Clearrave Nyan Nyan’s JK Trouble and Mains which is drawn by K-Ko (the same one doing Onii-chan Teacher) and animated and stuff. I don’t know 😀

January looks pretty safe so far with just Giga/kinokonomi release. May or may not getting it. Currently at 70% no mainly because of February releases and just plain saving.

February! Whirlpool’s World Election and Haikuo’s Omokage Rail Back are on 99% though I’m still considering if I’ll get the whole thing™ (read: all relevant store bonuses). It doesn’t help I’m getting the expensive version of Omokage Rail Back with hug pillow cover and stuff. And talking about February, I still haven’t started on this year’s February 🙁

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Digest Vol. 18 – Fool

Sakura no uta - She's probably the only character I like design-wise.
Sakura no uta – She’s probably the only character I like design-wise.

Ended up getting three new games this month instead of one. Also I think I’ll end up playing the Himawari one as well one day™.

Finished Alia’s Carnival! Flowering Sky. The extra routes are unexpectedly long. Pretty good though and gives some additional answers to Asuha’s extra route. Quite over the top though and I think some of the details went through my head. The other extra route has h-cg of Inori and sadly gave false hope 🙁 Waiting for the appends they’ll be releasing later.

Started Chrono Clock and it’s pretty good so far. Finished Makoto’s route. Felt a bit short. Not checked the h-scenes yet though. Currently at Michiru’s.

Still hoping to finish this before Friday (90% chance of not happening).

Links and photos after the break as usual.

Update: added link to Inugami Kira’s new tapestry.

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Digest Vol. 16 – Autumn

JK Trouble & Main'sOriginally planned to go to Sunshine Creation but due to Suruga-Ya thinks it’s funny restocking one of tapestry I’ve been looking for with sufficiently high price, I canceled the plan. And played eroge instead (nothing new).

Still going with Flowering Sky, finished Asuha and Shiina. Now going through Karin (halfway-ish, I guess?). And then Tsukuyomi and Shiho. And then check out the rest of additional stories. Hopefully will be done before end of next week and then followed by Chrono Clock.

On unrelated note, I’ve published list of my stuff (currently tapestries, hug pillow covers, and eroges). Check them here. I’m still completing up the data though.

Not much news this week. Links and photos after the break as usual.

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