Digest Vol. 24 – Pauses

Dal Segno. This would mark my first foray into Circus' series. The actual game, not just anime series.
Dal Segno. This would mark my first foray into Circus’ series. The actual game, not just anime series.

As guessed last week, I wasn’t be able to finish Delivara on time (not even finished a single route) so I just pause the whole thing again and start on Yomeyaba. Now I have two unfinished games behind. Great.

Nanaka-senpai the best btw <3

K-Books usual seasonal goods pre-order went a bit error-y because they’re using a new system.

Ended up purchasing all Yomeyaba store bonuses as well. My balance for this month look pretty bad.

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Digest Vol. 23

No banner because I’m not sure what to put.

As mentioned last week, pausing Koikake and started Delivara. And unlike usual order, I’m going straight to Mikoto’s route.

Gotta finish this before Friday comes! And Koikake as well if possible! Except it’s not going to happen, I think ._.

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Digest Vol. 22 – To the Bin

…the fine-grained budget, that is. I found I mess up the numbers a bit too much, be it for the past or the future and figured out might as well use simplest budgeting method – count up essentials, figure out how much to save, and spend up the rest. Failure in any months doesn’t carry over to next month apart of for saving amount consideration.

Quintuple Splash. Why is not Chikotam (屮゜Д゜)屮
Quintuple Splash. Why is not Chikotam (屮゜Д゜)屮

Slowed down eroge because of various reasons I’m not even sure what. Finished Rinka’s route and now going through Yui’s.

Planning to play Delivara next because of various reasons.

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Digest Vol. 21 – Stuff

Back to the… Tamasato?

Still going through with Koikake. Finished Sena and Ayane’s route. Currently at Rinka. Should be done within this week and then continue to, I don’t know, probably Sakura no Uta. But it seems to be pretty long and I’m running out of hug pillow cover which game I played. So it’s either that or another game of which I have pillow cover.

Ended up spending most of my random crap budget this first week of the month. Doesn’t help I ended up needing to upgrade my graphics card from Radeon 5450 to something less crap. Still crap though.

I also pre-ordered all February stuff and getting second copy of Yomeyaba. Later this month I’ll also pre-order minori’s Tsuminohi and Date a Live Movie BD. Welp.

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Digest Vol. 20 – All the Games

Maitetsu. Trains and lolis. What can go wrong?
Maitetsu. Trains and lolis. What can go wrong?

…I forgot to publish this last night.

I managed to finish Chrono Clock this Friday. It’s overall pretty good though probably can use more Kuro hscenes.

That said, I noticed I’ve been playing too much eroge with fantasy elements lately. From Alia’s Carnival and its fandisc, Mousou Complete!, and then Chrono Clock. The only short pause was playing Imouto no Seiiki which took few days.

So I decided to take another break by playing Koi-Kakeru Shin-Ai Kanojo. So far seems to be a fairly simple business.

Still on Koikake, I didn’t plan for any additional bonus besides the one that comes with the game itself. I’m doing a light watch on YJA though – for any chance of cheaper bonuses. So far I got none 😀 I ended up getting everything as originally (not) planned. Costed slightly more than I expected.

Glace’s Amatoro, on other hand, still trying to get Medio CD bonus. The outlook seems to be pretty expensive at 3000 JPY range. Getchu CD is on the way.

As mentioned from previous post, I’ll probably drop Ensemble’s Koikata after all considering all my backlogs and illustrator. Hulotte’s Yomeyaba is still on course and barring any sudden insanity, I’ll just get my currently preordered one (Trader) and Getchu and maybe official store if it’s interesting enough. It’s Hulotte so I’m expecting at least two more double suede tapestries in following quarters.

For December, I’m getting Parasol’s Quintuple Splash from official store as originally planned and perhaps the drama CDs. No plan for Sorakoi besides Trader.

Still waiting on more details on Omokage Rail Back bonuses though at this point I suspect I’ll just go ahead with Goodwill and YJA the rest of stuff. Or maybe not. It’ll be one devastating month if I try getting everything. I’m aiming Nekoto and Moeri for Mamiya-kun related bonuses – I’m counting four stores and for some reason are all tapestries.

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