Digest Vol. 28 – Frozen Dead (part 1)

Tarareba. Should or should not I? Practically speaking, I probably should not.

And maybe just get its Denkigai tapestry and buy the game much later (after clearing current backlogs) for cheap.

Denkigai Matsuri 2015 Winter has just passed. It was cold. Especially for those queuing for KeroQ/Makura booth. I was one of them. It was cold. At least they have enough in stock despite not placing any kind of limit on how many one can buy at once. Doesn’t help speeding up the line and it’s not like people can just buy everything from them. Good majority of their stuff are hug pillow covers and the blanket costs the same as well. And I found out I barely had enough cash when I was there. And it was cold.

The rest are pretty much as planned with exception of Saga Planets stuff. Their stuff were gone within an hour and I was stuck at Makura for much longer than that. Pikatto Anime as guessed are selling the new tapestries and stuff as well. At least the online order has Karory signing event ticket (I think) and the difference isn’t too bad. Gotta embrace the 1000 JPY additional cost I inflicted on myself for Curtain Damashii stuff at Comiket.

Denkigai event reports by Dengeki Hime.

Blanket plan worked well (at least during the initial wait time) and will continue doing that for Comiket first day (I’m using circle pass for last day). By blanket plan I mean “bring a blanket and cover myself in it”. Simple and actually effective as long sitting down and not minding the blanket getting a bit dirty.

Comiket next week. I hate events. Especially in winter.

On eroge side, I managed to finish Yomeyaba. The harem route is slightly lacking though. I guess that’s the extent of not-nukige? (how is it not nukige anyway?)

Now back to Koikake before continuing Delivara and finally starting Quintuple Splash. Normally I’d finish this Koikake (one main route, one final route(?)) within a week but with incoming Comiket I’m not sure if it’ll happen.

I managed to avoid getting Koikake Yui hug pillow cover. Maybe (last decision before end of this month).

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Digest Vol. 27 – Quiet Week

No header image this week because I cbf figuring out what to use. Should just start collecting them when they’re released and queue to use them one by one.

Still going through Yomeyaba. Finished all main routes and Kirino’s route. Now heading through two sub routes and then finally harem route. Sad but the two main heroines are actually on lower list than the sub heroines for me. Kirino’s route was quite good. Nanaka’s is still the best.

At this rate I should finish the whole thing soon-ish and then continue to Koikake. And then Delivara… or maybe Quintuple Splash first.

On unrelated news, I blew up my budget. And thus thinking of cancelling getting Maitetsu. I’ll probably regret it but at least that will save me quite a lot and buy me a month time since there’s nothing else for March for me. I need it because I won’t be able to play eroges for about a month due to various reasons. I’ll also drop some other plans as well mainly so I can start actually catching up. I’ve backlogged pretty badly. I mean, I’ve been backlogged for a long time but I just couldn’t catch up at all this last few months. Playing a bit too much other game didn’t help either and upcoming winter event will slow things down even more for the last week of this year. Next week is pretty much calm before storm… and I still hate events. Mainly the early wake up, and even more in winter which is not only tiring but also stupid cold.

Quite a few new release announcements next week.

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Winter Events Notes

It's freezing time! (No, it doesn't usually snow until January or February). Doesn't change it's still damn cold, especially when queuing outside for hours.
It’s freezing time! (No, it doesn’t usually snow until January or February). Doesn’t change it’s still damn cold, especially when queuing outside for hours.

I figured might as well create a dedicated post for this. Sorted by time added.


  • 2015-12-14: Created changelog, added link for Lose.
  • 2015-12-14: MeltdoWN COmet Melonbooks link.
  • 2015-12-14: Aquadrop link.
  • 2015-12-17: Added Lashinbang, minori (+Toypla), Makura links. Added MeltdoWN COmet Tora no Ana link.
  • 2015-12-18: Added Takoyaki Batake, GLace/Galette links. Updated Hulotte and Cuffs.
  • 2015-12-20: Added Singleton link.
  • 2015-12-21: Added TIES, Hyakka Ryouran, Tiv links.
  • 2015-12-22: Added Palette link.
  • 2015-12-23: Added Maruguya.EXE, Allegro Mistic links.
  • 2015-12-24: Added Gekidoku Shoujo, Matsumiya Kiseri links.
  • 2015-12-25: Added Parasol link, updated More Pretty link.
  • 2015-12-26: Added moco chouchou, Recruit, Takoyaki, A. M. R, Canvas+Garden links.
  • 2015-12-27: Added Hisuitei, PeachCandy, Marvelous Grace links. Updated Matsurija link.
  • 2015-12-30: Events mostly done and not really updated anymore.

Company Booths

  • Sprite. Comiket. Finally a Rika hug pillow cover. And then even more tapestries. At this point I gave up getting them all. Probably one or two (or three) tapestries and then drama CDs.
  • Circus. Comiket. Nothing particularly interesting.
  • Pikatto Anime. Both Denkigai and Comiket. The availability of new tapestries at the events is a bit of mystery and since it only incurs 432 JPY extra I figured might as well pre-order it. There’s Hanasaki Workspring stuff as well but no pre-order until post-events.
  • Saga Planets. Denkigai and Comiket (partial). Inori tapestry! And more Inori tapestries! Also at Comiket for some of the stuff.
  • Dengeki Moeoh. Comiket. Chikotam <3
  • Kadokawa. Comiket. More stuff are still being announced. Also, Chikotam <3 (the actual booth for above).
  • minori. Both Denkigai and Comiket. I like character designs for the next game so I’ll probably buy both. There’s calendar as well which I’ll probably buy unless someone else announces something more interesting.
  • Curtain Curtain Damashii. Comiket. Karory tapestries are a bit interesting but fortunately(?) they’re not double suede, she isn’t high enough on my list, and the illustrations aren’t high enough to warrant a purchase. Pan, on the other hand… Still thinking if I should pre-order or just buy at Comiket. The former costs 1130 JPY more (postage and tax) and missing bonus mini shikishi. If last event’s Cran Crown is any reference, it should be okay. Who am I kidding. Getting them now.
  • NanaWind. Denkigai. Interesting one is Inori hug pillow cover even though she doesn’t get any h-scenes (yet?).
  • August. Comiket. The crystal calendar is quite interesting.
  • Whirlpool. Denkigai. That blanket’s illustration is quite good and the size is big-ish. Unfortunately it costs big-ish as well.
  • Broccoli (and all ages Toypla). Comiket and later online. That Nene tapestry/blanket.
  • Amuse Craft (Hearts, Us:track). Denkigai. The Koikake set actually are filled with stuff I can use. Kokoro Log on other hand, may or may not happen. Not going to be tricked again into doing online early pre-order. This is the part everyone learns same thing and results in failing at Denkigai, right?
  • Electro.muster. Comiket. Double suede Karory \o/
  • Melonbooks. Comiket. Nothing particularly interesting apart of free new year postcard…
  • Melonbooks. Stores. …which can be used to buy Pan tapestry at their stores.
  • ALcot. Denkigai. ANRI HUG PILLOW COVER WHERE. Nothing intersting btw.
  • Hiquo Soft. Denkigai and online. They’re also distributing illustration card for people who pre-ordered Omokage Rail Back.
  • Lose. Denkigai. Mmm that tapestry.
  • Lashinbang. Comiket. Tapestries just like last time. Probably skipping this time though.
  • minori (and R-18 Toypla). Comiket. Even more Inori and Kuon tapestries. Probably skipping as well~
  • Makura. Denkigai. Crapload of hug pillow covers.
  • GLace/Galette. Denkigai. Usual stuff. Also the tapestries from Amatoro release event.
  • GLace/Galette. Online store. Now with even more hug pillow covers.
  • feng. Denkigai and online store. Hug pillow covers! Comes with CD! Tempting but gotta fend off this one.
  • Hulotte. Online store. Two hug pillow covers right off the bat! And finally a Serika tapestry. No indication if it’ll be joint with Cuffs again this time. Nope, different postage etc. Also Nanaka’s Mug is cute (skipping it though)
  • Cuffs/Cube/etc. Online store. Usual stuff. Most of the illustrations are up.
  • Palette. Online store. For once no one’s going to cry. Well, much better than what they usually do. Unfortunately nothing interests me. Or fortunately since more stuff to buy is the last thing I need.
  • Parasol. Online store. [overly excited]


Digest Vol. 25 – Chikotam \o/

Natsu-iro Kokoro Log - Cutes everywhere
Natsu-iro Kokoro Log – Cutes everywhere

Two weekends, two Yomeyaba routes (Kanna and Serika). Three main routes, one harem route, and two mini-routes left, I think. Story is okay-ish with Nanaka-senpai being the best and unfortunately I still don’t quite like one-eye-covered style of Serika.

The soundtrack reminds me of Your Diary. Well, same composer after all.

At this rate I’ll need at least another week or two to finish the rest which hopefully enough for next eroge release day (December 18th). Ideally I should finish this by next weekend and finish Koikake afterwards.

…which then will be followed by JK Trouble Main”s or just try finishing up Delivara since I’m not sure one week is enough to finish the former and I kinda want to prioritize Quintuple Splash.

Denkigai official items pre-order has been started! My current list:

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