Digest Vol. 32 – Wat

Accidentally used more money than I should be for this month (as usual). Should start selling more stuff sometime later… And receive pitiful amount of money. Well, sunk cost etc. I think I’m done for this month. Next month isn’t looking bright either and upcoming Residence Tax isn’t helping either though if I guessed correctly it won’t happen this year but instead will be inflicted with double the amount next year instead because I moved to this area after January 1st. That’s my guess anyway.

Managed to finish Christmas Trickstar. It was pretty short. There are two route which the main character does pretty much opposite thing. One of which I hate. Not too bad for a doujin game.

Going upward my backlog, continuing to Quintuple Splash. This month’s eroge day is coming next week as well but I’m not sure whether to pause this and play Loverec Fandisc first or finish this one first. Haven’t gotten far enough to tell if it’s going to be usual Parasol or another Haruno. I’m guessing the former. Still kind of sad Chikotam didn’t draw for this game ūüôĀ

Talking about eroge, I think I’ll be picking up Lose’s next game – Maitetsu – after all. Hurr durr herp derp. <insert expletives here about how good I am at managing my lust>. There aren’t many information this week. Or there are a few but I don’t really care about most of them. Go here for better listing ha ha ha. :effort:

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Digest Vol. 31 – All the stuff

For some reason I’ve gotten even more¬†backlogs ūüėĬ†OH WELL.

Still playing through Delivara… Should be done by this week.

When it’s done I’ll probably play Christmas Trick Star instead of Kimisora to go back to the “latest released, unplayed” pattern instead of picking random ones. Saves thinking out what to play next. The current Delivara was mainly because I ran out of hug pillow cover to rotate. As I now have few originals and from completed games, going back to usual pattern should be fine. Maybe.

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Digest Vol. 30 – No news?

When I realized it, this week has passed and there’s no interesting news. I guess everyone was busy catching up from all the holidays and events.

Managed to clear Aya¬†route of Delivara. I expect to finish the whole thing¬†next week or maybe even tomorrow since it’ll be another holiday.

Still not sure what to play after finishing it. Considered Quintuple Splash but that’d mean I’m playing two Parasol games in a row which is something I tend to avoid. Parasol doesn’t quite excel in story isn’t¬†helping either. As last few games I’ve been playing are all relatively light¬†in nature,¬†and thus¬†I’m considering something more serious.¬†Current candidates are:

  • Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia
  • One of minori games
  • Satsukoi
  • Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana (almost forgotten, lol)

Or something short-ish like the doujin Christmas Trickstar. I’ll call help from dice.

irb(main):001:0> ['nostalgia', 'minori', 'satsukoi', 'cabbit', 'kuritori'].sample
=> "cabbit"

All right, there we go.

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Digest Vol. 29 – Frozen Dead (part 2)

Top image queue ran out (it was one, heh). As everyone is busy new year-ing, there doesn’t seem to be much on news front. Well, there are quite a few anime announcements and perhaps some from Denkigai. I don’t really cover anime here and the eroge ones are still too few information. Sagaplanets new game is still just silhouette and ALcot’s… well, it’s ALcot Honeycomb and the illustration doesn’t quite interest me just yet.

Winter sure is cold. Especially when queuing outside for hours. Blanket did help but only until the entry queue starts moving. Afterwards it’s impossible to use with all walking and stuff. Winter sucks.

Heavily distracted by Comiket and barely managed to finish Koikake. Yay. The¬†last two stories are quite good. I cried a bit during Yui’s route and sufficiently intrigued on Last Episode¬†that I cleared it in single run. Overall good¬†game with some good stories and great soundtracks. Funny I initially liked Yui most and then liked Rinka as well but ended up liking Ayane most. Sorry Yui, you’re cute but Ayane is the best after all.

Onward to Delivara. Four routes left and currently at first Aya h-scene. I seem to be heavily distracted during h-scenes. And Parasol’s h-scenes being stupid long doesn’t help either.

And¬†here’s some stats for 2015:

  • Games bought, bolded means completed:
    • Moonstone – Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia
    • Whirlpool – Kujiragami no Tearstilla
    • MintCube – Amakoi Syrups
    • minori – Soreyorino Prologue
    • Yuzusoft – Sanoba Witch
    • Giga – Shirogane x Spirits!
    • Saga Planets – Hanasaki Workspring
    • Purple Software – Chrono Clock
    • Insync – Mousou Complete!
    • Nanawind – Alia’s Carnival! Flowering Sky
    • Peassoft – Chuunibyou na Kanojo no Love Equation
    • ALcot – Loverec
    • feng – Imouto no Seiiki
    • Makura – Sakura no uta
    • Us:track – Koi-Kakeru Shin-Ai Kanojo
    • GLace – Ama no Sora Retrospect
    • Hulotte – Yome sagashi ga hakadori sugite yabai
    • Chelseasoft – Sora koi
    • Clearrave Nyan Nyan – JK Trouble Main”s
    • Parasol – Quintuple Splash
    • Cigalette Soft – Christmas Trickstar
  • Total bought: 21
  • Total played: 10

Almost 50%! That’s not too shabby considering I played some leftover from 2014¬†as well.

Non-2015 releases:

  • Bought, with bolded means completed:
    • ALcot – Osananajimi wa Daitouryou My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT.
    • ALcot – Osananajimi wa Daitouryou My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. Fandisc
    • ALcot – Oni Gokko!
    • ALcot – Oni Gokko! Fan Disc
    • ALcot – Naka no Hito nado inai! Tokyo Hero Project
    • Cabbit – Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana
    • Parasol – Yumekoi
    • Saga Planets – Karumaruka Circle
    • minori – Supipara Prologue
    • minori – Supipara
    • minori – 12 no Tsuki no Eve
    • Qoobrand – Majo Koi Nikki
    • Marmalade – Koiiro Marriage
    • minori – Natsuzora no Perseus
    • Whirlpool – Magicalic Sky High
    • Cube – Kurano-kun Chi no Futago Jijou
    • Lapis lazuli – Izayoi no Fortuna / Main
    • Nanawind – Alia’s Carnival
    • Parasol – Magicarat Radiant
    • Parasol – Deripara
    • minori – eden* PLUS+MOSAIC
    • Cabbit – Midori no Umi
    • ALcot Honeycomb – Aete Mushi Suru Kimi to no Mirai
    • ALcot Honeycomb – Satsukoi
    • SkyFish Poco, Cabbit – Nyan caf√© macchiato
    • Hulotte – Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai
    • Hulotte – Kanae to Meguri to no Sono Ato ga Ichalove Sugite Yabai
    • Makura – Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi
    • Cube – Koisuru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai
  • Total bought: 29 (whoops)
  • Total completed: 1 (whoops)

…whoops. Probably shouldn’t have done this.

In total thus far:

  • Purchased: 59
  • Completed: 19 (32%)

Not too bad, I guess? And hopefully will be slightly faster this year and less piling up even more backlogs considering I’ve done them last year. There are still some left but I figured they can wait much later…

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