Digest Vol. 37 – Brilliant Idea

Me and my “brilliant” ideas. Usually end up swallowed deep in a quagmire. Heh.

It’s something about my eroge playing order (also known as forever backlog clearance). The one I’ve been having was simple: play the latest release after finishing whatever currently played. It worked good enough until I noticed that due to my preference most of the ones I’ve been playing are charage (character-focused game).

Then I modified it a bit few weeks ago to allow interleaving with whichever game I want to play. It worked kind of well though switching between games isn’t the easiest thing to do due to writing style changes (and my lack of Japanese knowledge). For same reason my pace feels like slowed down a bit as well.

About a week later I noticed I have another problem: my playing speed can’t catch up with slightly unrelated own rule of hug pillow cover. It’s basically switch bi-weekly with the ones I’ve played game of (or at least completed the character’s route) or just originals. Also avoid having from same illustrator in succession to prevent getting bored because of (sometimes) sameface thingy. At current point I’ll run out of unused covers and must either break my rule by using the unplayed ones or looping it already. Now I write it, I think I’ve had similar problem at the end of last year and was kind of helped by influx of new covers.

The new idea is simple: just play the ones I have cover of 😀 The order is probably the same as before – descending from the latest. At my current list it means I’ll be playing either Ama no Sora Retrospect or Sakura no Uta. There’s also Primal x Hearts 2 but I kind of need to first play the first one so it’ll be done last. Currently considering Sakura no Uta but I’m not sure yet. Also will probably still be interleaved with another game. Still not sure on that part yet – I could interleave with from hug pillow cover list or the latest or maybe even whatever I want. Though I figured I should just clear up the cover list as first priority.

As I’m still partway on another games, the plan shall be executed after I finished those. Just finished Sahori’s route of Quintuple Splash this Saturday and currently going through Nostalgia’s Misaki route. At current rate I think I should be able to finish them in two weeks at the latest.

February is ending soon! Which means budget reset! I managed to save a bit over the minimum amount I set. Though if I combine with previous month it means I only reached half the target… for both months (I not only failed last month but actually went negative). Next month isn’t helping either with release of the new 4″ iPhone which I’ll probably get since I prefer small phones and hopefully better choices for phone case.

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Digest Vol. 36 – Rushing

Or not. As I mentioned last week, I tried to pick up playing pace and it kind of works. But then again my speed isn’t that fast even with least amount of distraction. At least I did manage to finish Mio route in Quintuple Splash. The story was much shallower compared to Sae. It’s mostly about stepping up from childhood friend to lover which really isn’t much or deep or anything. The h-scenes were okay. I don’t like Ichiri that much though so that helps speeding up the whole thing. Well, kind of. Took me four (work) days to finish her route.

Finishing that, I went back to Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia. Decided going the Miu route. Currently at last part and story is pretty good so far with actual worry about the incest part. The art is good. I really like it. The h-scenes are good as well with kind of actual connection to the story. Took me two (weekend) days to get this far.

That said, I’m still pretty far away from completing both games. Three more routes for Quintuple Splash and two (and half) for Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia. If I want to finish the whole thing before this weekend, I need to finish one route a day which is relatively impossible.

Next week is finally eroge release day. Omokage Rail Back is delayed though so there goes my hug pillow cover plan. I will probably just go play Cube’s Kurafuta for it and minori’s Tsumi no Hikari for new game side.

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Digest Vol. 35 – Rotation

No banner again.

As mentioned last week, still going with Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia. About to finish my first route (Ayane) but then I realized that rotation for my hug pillow cover is almost over unless I count in the ones from unplayed games. I have one more from original list (Chikotam’s C83) and another Chikotam which is Nanoka from Haruno (coming end of this month). There’s also Inori from Alia’s Carnival! but I’m thinking of holding back that one until the double package with her route is released. At least I won’t be able to put on any from mid of March until around end of April because of additional people lodging in my room in that period. Well, I can’t play much either so it pretty much balances out.

Assuming I can clear out both Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia and Quintuple Splash before end of this month, I’ll have about two months period to clear something which I have pillow cover of. For starter, Omokage Rail Back from February release will have a pillow cover of Juuri. That complies with my “play from most recent” guidelines as well so it’ll probably be my main option. But on the other hand, if I play Koikano and Kurafuta instead, I’ll then have four covers immediately since I have two each from both series. Or six if I throw in Sakura no Uta as well since I have two covers from it. We’ll see in few weeks ┐(・_・)┌

(I’ll probably be slow as usual and failing everything)

Still on rotation topic (hey that’s this digest’s title after all), my rotation for tapestries is down to 93 tapestries. It’s been on pause for two weeks mostly thanks to Yomeyaba. I think I’m done with it for now and will resume the rotation. Will probably be done around June. While interesting, I really should keep the number down. I currently have 319 (including pre-ordered stuff) which is a bit.. too many. Suruga-Ya is too cheap so I’m thinking of YJA directly instead. I have a feeling I’ve been saying that so many times. I need to first figure out which ones to sell though ;_;

(that’s part of the reason I keep track of my rotation)

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Digest Vol. 34 – What’s budget

I really like the art style
I really like the art style

I totally didn’t reuse title from several volumes ago. No, totally not.

Managed to blow up my budget as usual. It’s only first week of this month and there’s barely anything left in budget for this month’s useless stuff. Upcoming stuff to be pre-ordered includes Tsunako Artbook, Miyasaka Miyu Artbook, and then Doki Doki Sister Aoi-chan Vol. 2. And then there’s Alia’s Carnival Double Package which costs not cheap. Movies side, there are The Martian and selector destructed WIXOSS. On games bonuses, I’m still missing World Election tapestries, about three of them (Mamizu only). Lastly, there are two upcoming events this month – Mimiket (next week) and Sunshine Creation (end of month).

I’ll see how I can pass this month without bleeding too much.

On eroge, I finished Sae route of Quintuple Splash. I then decided to pause it for a moment to play something that is less charage and more on gloomy side. And so I’m currently playing Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia. It doesn’t exactly have the best story but genre-wise it fits my need. I didn’t expect the guro-ish thing happening early at the common route though. Not really a problem though. I mean, I did find Hakoniwa Logic sufficiently fun. I mean, fun. Currently at chapter 2 (common route) and doesn’t seem to be too bad so far story-wise. The art is good though. As expected from games I bought – they’re at least pretty (subjectively speaking).

For reference, here’s how I decide which game to buy:

Cute! Erotic! Sold!

Half kidding aside, here’s the actual list:

  1. Art style. Original illustrator obvious takes most impact but sometimes CG Artist is also considered (with notable example being Koikake and all minori stuff). Less balloons is a plus.
  2. Music. Or sometimes just the opening song (and movie). Though honestly it only applies to minori stuff (again) because Tenmon.
  3. Story? Or something. Actually as long it passes the above list I don’t really care about the story. Of course it affects how fast I can finish the game but fortunately I’ve been braindamaged enough to be able to pass through most of crappier stories without damaged even further. No, that’s not a good thing.

I believe I have something else to write but can’t remember what it was. Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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