Digest Vol. 41 – Break 1

Can’t play for first half of this week as previously mentioned and then there’s Anime Japan this Sunday as well. I think I’m somewhere halfway through the common route? The story itself is sufficiently interesting but the Japanese used is a bit too different than what I used to. Or at least I had to resort to Google (search) quite few times when wwwjdic doesn’t understand a word/phrase because of slight writing variation. Doesn’t help it uses quite a bit of fantasy-related terminologies. I hope I can at least finish common route and maybe Sophia in span of three weeks which I can’t play continuously.

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Digest Vol. 40 – Wrong Season

sakura no mori dreamers - kureha

Managed to finish Quintuple Splash! The story is not quite good as expected. Even Delivara was better. It has Chikotam as well. At least Ami was good though. H-scene wise, that is. Her “problem” is quite a… joke. Hers is the only one actually related to swimming though. Still no sign of Chikotam’s activity in eroge space either… ๐Ÿ™ (apart of Loverec Mini Fandisc)

And as mentioned last week, continuing to World Erection Election. First Whirlpool game I’m playing. The system seems pretty good apart of requiring installer disc for first start. Also, Kururu is cuter than expected. Can’t really tell the story yet since just started and I was heavily distracted and thus progressed really slowly.

Doesn’t help I can’t quite play as much for next four weeks. I’m hoping to use this period to catch up with anime and manga and hopefully clean up my NAS as well. Lots of things to do. Oh and cleaning up my feed reader, with goal of having zero unread item. Currently at 10k+ though. Whoops.

Budget-wise, it seems I’ll fail reaching my target again. Only managed to save a quarter of the target.

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Digest Vol. 39 – Rushing?

So I only managed to finish Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia by this Saturday. The story was pretty good. Music is nice as well from solfa and the art didn’t disappoint.

And then I’m back to Quintuple Splash, the last two routes – Tomoe and Ami. Currently at Tomoe and I think I’m almost halfway done. Should be finished by as late as Wednesday and then finally the last route. I’m hoping to complete everything before this Friday so I can start World Election before I enter the no-eroge period starting next week (or the following week)…

Few announcements here and there though still no news from Chikotam ๐Ÿ™

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Digest Vol. 38 – Restrain

Or nonexistence of it. I mean, Suruga-Ya sold Ren hug pillow cover earlier this week and I bought it almost instantly. And thrown Kissmaou in as well while at it. Whoops. There goes my plan getting this one. Unless I managed to save more than I predicted for this month. Or if iPhone SE isn’t actually a thing (or at least cheaper than I expected).

Distracted quite a bit this week so I haven’t progressed much. I did finish Misaki’s route from Nostalgia and to save effort of switching context, I continued playing through Shouko’s route which is the last one. Afterwards I’ll finish up Quintuple Splash and then continues to Sakura no Uta. Maybe. Either that or World Election.

Now I look at the release schedule of the hug pillow again I guess I can go World Election first before starting with Sakura no Uta. The cover is set for April release so the timing is quite perfect. That is if I even manage to finish it before the cover arrives.

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