Digest Vol. 45 – Break 5 (last)

Finally freed. And now incoming comic1/character1. Should be able to interleave with World Election in between. Just hit Sofia’s fourth-ish H-scene and finally entering the main story of her.

Technically speaking I didn’t spend too much for porn-related stuff but there are just so many other unrelated spending causing me to fail saving much this month.

Next month should be better™.

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Digest Vol. 44 – Break 4

Early as promised last week.

I think I played for like one hour total this week. Passed through Sofia’s second H-Scene which is almost halfway? I sure am hoping to clear at least one route before May.

character1 is coming and companies have started publishing their stuff. Note that I only write the ones I have remote interest in.

There’s also the usual problem of whether to getting the stuff online or just grab them at the event. I think Circus stuff should be safe. That will save me some money. Here’s the exact numbers:

  • Event: 12000 + 4500 = 16500
  • Store: (16500 * 1.08) * 0.99 = 17642
  • Savings: 1142

With the last 0.99 is accounting for credit card cashback. 1142 is still a lot, I’d say.

And then there’s Purple Software. That one is even worse as it involves postage as well. I don’t know if the event price will exclude tax or not but if it does:

  • Event: 3500 (or 3780)
  • Store: (3500 * 1.08 + 600) * 0.99 = 4337
  • Saving: 837 (or 557)

;_; (or 557). And I don’t have idea how the sales goes and quick look at the official tweet doesn’t indicate good thing.

And both combined for a total of 1979 (ノ゚ ヮ゚)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Of course I’m too lazy and went online for both ヽ(´ー`)ノ …and then regretting later finding out getting them both is easy. At least I’m prepared this time.

One more week until I can go back to usual flow …or not, thanks to comic1/character1 and a bunch of other events the following two weeks.

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Digest Vol. 43 – Break 3

Only gotten like 3 hours? total playtime this week ;_; Went past Sofia’s first H-scene.

Hovering on fine line for budget… Should be fine as long I can get past this 11 days.

…I hope.

And two more weeks until freedom™! Which then will be followed by a flurry of events. ._.

Next week’s post will probably be posted on Friday and the following one will be on Monday.

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