Digest Vol. 50 – Whoops (part 3)

You’ve think I learned something from last week. But nooope. It’s gotten even worse. Ha ha ha ._.

The bright side is I fell down so deep it’s pretty hard to go further down. Assuming I can survive next month, that is. At least my list for month is currently only pre-order for Sen no Hatou, store bonuses of Floral Flowlove, and a few other things. Should be fine.

On eroge, I finished World Election right on Thursday, allowing me to start immediately on newly released game. I mentioned I’ll play Kurafuta but figured out it’s easier to clean up Alia’s Carnival first since it’s only a few mini routes. Finished Inori’s route and now going through Sakurako’s. Afterwards it’ll be Asuha and finally Tsukuyomi appends. And finally moving on to Kurafuta.

World Election was pretty okay. There isn’t much one can expect from a charage after all. The art did deliver though, especially Mamizu’s. R-Ken’s also better than expected. Parfil so cute. Overall, it took me about a bit over a month to complete which is slower than I hoped.

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Digest Vol. 49 – Whoops (part 2)

Accidentally bought another tapestry. Striped “swimsuit” + knee-socks + evening gloves is a dangerous combination ( ‘_’)b

That and a few other on my radar which will dry up my balance real quick. Holding back until next month and hopefully they will still be available.

One last route for World Election! Generally okay-ish overall? Sofia was quite awesome on all routes though. I’m aiming to finish the whole thing before Wednesday.

Thanks to new stuff I bought this week, Kurafuta jumped up the backlog queue. It’s up next now.

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Digest Vol. 48 – Whoops

I managed to save some money… and spend more than of what I saved for something else ๐Ÿ˜€

One of them even arrived already. The rest should be coming as late as next month? I don’t know, Suruga-Ya is slow.

I think I’m almost done with Iori’s route and will be heading to Faura later this week and finally Parfil. The extra mini routes turned out to add good amount of time required. At least Kururu’s story was pretty interesting. With all the explosions and stuff.

Next on queue is Dal Segno, I think. That shall mark my first actual play of Circus game after only knowing about them all this years. Meanwhile still zero playthrough of Yuzu Soft games. If nothing changes, Amairo Islenauts will probably the first one.

Looking at my current list, apparently I only finished three full games so far this year. Lower than I expected though probably part of it can be attributed to me unable to play properly last two months. Maybe I should stop playing all those crappy games. Whatever ๐Ÿ˜€

Half of May has passed which means Eroge Day is coming in two weeks. I’m still considering if I want Rorolog’s Trader bonus or not. Currently at 50/50. I can save a good amount of money I don’t but then again that’s the only one I’ll be missing. Damn it my “collect everything” trait. Or maybe I’ll just wait and aim for cheapest one I can find.

Then there’s Alia’s Carnival! Double Package. Official store bonus has been announced a while ago but the image is still missing. If the what seemingly a placeholder image in the site is actual image, I guess I can safely skip it. There’s no information on what material the hug pillow cover as well. Sad. Hopefully it’s not the crappy store bonus material. I’m hoping at least Getchu’s Two Way Tricot.

And lastly Sakura no Mori Dreamers. I got everything \o/

…or there’s another one; Tarareba. Except I’m not sure if I’ll be getting it since I made the order together with Senren Banka which will be released in… two months. Or maybe they’ll error out because of all the delays and send it this month instead? I’ll find out in two weeks.

For June there is Otome Domain. And then there are Clover Day’s Plus and Hakoniwa Logic on the repackage side. None of the latter have interesting bonus so I think I’ll hold out until last minute-ish on what to do with them.

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Digest Vol. 47 – Quiet week

This whole week was almost surprisingly quiet with just few doujin purchases here and there. Most of them haven’t arrived yet though because Melonbooks is pretty slow. Me using free shipping option (store pick up) doesn’t help either.

It’s also sadly slow week (for game) because I was distracted arranging my room back to its previous state. I myself surprised on how I could fit all my stuff before. Well, I somehow managed to fit everything again so all is well, I guess. Playing Overwatch didn’t help either. Interestingly I just bought a new GPU so it’s a kind of test drive for it as well.

As mentioned above, I’m progressing slowly on World Election. Currently about halfway of Kururu’s route and it should be done by as late as this Wednesday. Or today if I’m feeling fast.

Nothing particularly interesting for eroge news. Probably still cooling down from the event last week and, well, it’s golden week after all.

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Digest Vol. 46 – All the stuff

Events are over! Freedom! Yay. A bunch of tapestries. My counter is hitting 400 soon (including sold ones). Still hasn’t prepared anything for selling some of them.

Managed to get most of planned stuff at Comic1/Character1. There are quite a good amount of leftover for goods from Purple Software and Circus which means I failed my gamble and paying almost 2000 extra. Oh well.

On eroge, finished Sophia’s route. Surprisingly shorter than I expected. Not that I complain. Now at Kururu.

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