Digest Vol. 54 – Um

My hug pillow covers count is jumping up quite high this month \o/ RIP me. At least I’m avoiding the ones with stupid markup. Or trying to. There are four more on my list.

Still doing pretty bad this month. Better than last month but still not quite good. Being haunted by backlogs, be it purchases or plays sure is sad. The latter doesn’t cost a thing (anymore) but the former is pretty expensive especially if the target is marked up.

My list for June is relatively peaceful mainly thanks to no eroge purchase on August. Well, except Corona Blossom which is still floating between yes or no. I believe it’s safe to hold up until early August though so June should be safe anyway. Hopefully I can save enough for the following two months. Comiket month isn’t going to be fun.

Managed to finish Kurafuta’s Tomoka. Current at the end of common route for Yae and Ema. Going to Yae first and then finally the best heroine Ema.

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Digest Vol. 53 – One year

Oh wow, I managed to do this for constantly for a year now. Sure is easy with this weekly stuff \o/ Not that I prepared anything special. I’m a bit time constrained for next two weeks as well.

Still going on with Kurafuta. Finished Mikoto’s route as well. Was pretty good though the art is a bit funny sometimes. Mikoto a cute. Now going with full-on tsundere Tomoka. Currently at just past pre-individual route’s H scene of her (?). Kind of weird with just her alone since it’s like already on her route except not. Gotta keep it fair in the shared route, I guess. At current rate I think I need another two weeks to finish. Welp.

Still a bit yellow on budget though I think I can make it out safely until next month. At this rate I should be back to green in August. Or October since August means comiket means stuff. I also really need to stop buying up old stuff or at least not at marked up price. …I’m trying hard here ;_; Backlog counts for about 40% of my spending so far this year. The same as last year. Whereas it’s -25% and -39% for 2014 and 2013 respectively which means I backlogged for those years. And of course -100% before 2013 since I haven’t even moved here and barely bought anything \o/

I sure am doing some dangerous finance planning this year. At least I’m hoping for zero backlog onward. Or less than 10%. Next year is going to be fun …if I can keep my current job.

…and then of course I’ll run into room space problem.

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Digest Vol. 52 – All the covers

Finished Izumi’s route. It was pretty short ride once actually hitting her route. Feels like the route progression is common route → pair route → individual route.

At this rate I hope two weeks are enough to complete the entire game which then moving on to, um, Sakura no Uta, I guess? And followed by Moteyaba and Himanatsu at which point I’ll have cleared all games with three pillow covers. Finishing Kurafuta will give me plenty of time until around September but better be safe and continue playing by cover counts.

That said, my backlog is pretty long. While the percentage says 30% completion just like last year, it’s much longer in term of play hour because the actual number also scales up. I’m counting 26 finished games out of 86. That’s like 60 games in backlog. And it took me two and half years to get to that number of 26. Realistically speaking, I have to slim out my future purchases. For now I’m considering to drop Amatsutsumi. One isn’t much and doesn’t help I’m getting another old game again recently but got to start somewhere ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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