Digest Vol. 63

I think I’m at least halfway the common route of Rorolog. Current plan is Kuon → Kotone → Kisara → Rin. Unless there’s forced route, that is. Standard stuff so far with thankfully easy Japanese. Didn’t progress as far as I wished.

Part of the reason is because I’m preparing for trip starting this Friday. It’ll take three weeks in which time I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this weekly thing. Or even whether I have good enough internet connection at all. Hopefully I’ll come back alive.

It’s also the one thing that caused my current financial condition. It simply costed much more than I initially guessed. Thankfully there’s this credit card thing \o/ Not sure if want to do something like this again. At least I’m still on track with yellow-ish this month and finally green next month. I think.

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On Sakura no Uta

So I managed to finish Sakura no Uta yesterday. It’s mostly good though combination of my lack of Japanese skill, inability to remember names (both in-game characters and all the references), and involvement of poems (and similarly annoyingly complex proses, English and Japanese) kind of hindered my enjoyment and understanding of the details of the story.

That said, there’s one main thing I’m really having problem with (spoiler ahead).

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Digest Vol. 62 – What

It’s almost 5 am and it still feels like few hours away from me finishing this last route! I played until 10am and no end in sight o_o Still at Sakura no Uta, currently at 44 days in – about one and half month.

As usual (?), ended up buying random backlogged stuff as well. At least they’re about half the original price! Should arrive sometime later this week. I think I’m currently at yellow-ish? \o/ A bit slower than I hoped but still on track to green.

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Digest Vol. 61 – And done

Yay! Now I can sleep in peace.

Skipped first day because nothing particularly interesting but went second day because there isn’t company booths for last day this time. And then ke-ta’s line was pretty long. At least I got all the stuff.

Last day, Pan didn’t prepare enough pillow covers so I wasn’t able to get it ;_; Here’s hoping she reselling it later. Thanks to that, I practically started this time’s last day Comiket at 11:30. At least I’m not alone this time which is also why I waited until it’s really sold out instead of backing off after 20-ish minutes of barely any progresses.

Nothing much on eroge side as I can’t really concentrate thanks to all the events and the preparations. Finished Rina’s route and now at Shizuku (I think?).

On finance side, it should be kind of yellow next week. And hopefully green next month ┐(ツ)┌

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Digest Vol. 60 – Plans

I’m not sure how much left of Rina’s route left but at least I’m past halfway? This week felt even shorter than last week despite not being much distraction. Either that or the route is just longer. I don’t know.

Continuing the “holding back” project (?), I’m thinking of not getting Hoshi Koi Tinkle. Unfortunately it’s still four months away which means plenty of time for me to be influenced back in getting it. Well, I almost failed with Amatsutsumi though fortunately managed to hold back. Hopefully I can do it again with Hoshi Koi Tinkle.

That said, even though I’m not getting anything this month, I’m getting two titles next month – Senmomo and Railback. Both of which have non-zero probability of getting delayed =D Railback probably will be finally released though otherwise I don’t think it’ll be good for the company’s survival. Whereas Senmomo, well, I have no record of August release schedule so I don’t really know. Just felt like it might get delayed. We’ll see. No plan of getting another bonuses… yet?

October will be Alcot’s Yomegami. So far my current plan includes getting from Sofmap followed by getting Getchu tapestry from YJA.

November will be a bit difficult with both Alice Gram and Lovely Day. NanaWind’s voice dramas are pretty good so I’ll be getting them all. Yuki tapestries as well which thankfully only two. The main problem is of course Lovely Day. Pretty much all tapestries and CDs \o/ I usually get the game from official store though I’m not sure about this time mainly because I don’t need the other bonus which is illustrated by Narumi Yuu. Barring some unexpected event, I may end up getting it from Trader or Melonbooks.

5 more games in three months. So much for holding back.

Finally Denkigai and Comiket! Denkigai is having some weird system this time to enter the place whereas Comiket will have no company booths for last day. Current outlook doesn’t look so good though I’ll probably make out safely somehow. I think. Yuzu Soft store having double suede tapestries certainly isn’t helping.

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Digest Vol. 59 – Countdown

5 am. I originally planned to rush up Rin’s route first but it went longer last week for Makoto and I figured it’ll turn out the same for Rin as well. Better clear this thing first before my brain becomes half-functional and writes even worse than usual. My usual writing is already pretty bad and being half-awake isn’t helping.

I managed to be more distracted than last week and getting a bit of cold wasn’t helping. Nor is early planning of Comiket.

Talking about Comiket planning, I missed one big required spending for this month and as a result will have to walk a tightrope until next pay day which is in three weeks. I figured it’s also good time to drop a lot of circles from list so I can spend less time figuring out where to put them ┐(ツ)┌

With careful planning I should be able to go up from almost-red to barely-green by end of this month! Exciting times ahead.

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