Digest Vol. 67 – Back

Yay I’m still alive and finally back. Not quite in full health with a bit of blood in my nasal mucus and stuff but at least I can type something here. I probably better go to hospital sometime soon, though.

Cleared up my twitter backlog and currently continuing with Rorolog. I think I’m currently halfway through Kuon’s route?

On finance side, I’m not quite sure where I’m at. Without counting future purchases, it looks quite green. But then there’s some large-ish core expense with deadline in two months which if combined with the future purchases, turns my finance red again. Unless I count on next month’s income which results in green even with three months worth of buffer. So I guess I can call this green? I just need to lightly hold out until the next pay day to be entirely safe.

I do need to hold back regardless <_<

For hug pillow covers, at current rate, it’ll take me about two years to complete cycle of hug pillow covers with biweekly rotation. Thankfully there isn’t much on my backlog list anymore. And I’m trying to not buy additional covers… unless it’s really good? We’ll see if I can fight off the temptation.

On tapestries side, it’s kind of worse though since the entry cost is much lower. That said, I’ll start selling off some of my less favorite ones next month. And then go buy even more =D Ha ha ha. This plan isn’t going to work; not that I expected it to ever do. At least I’ll regain some cash if I manage to sell some, I guess.

As for games, it seems to be slowing down by itself except for one part – I ended up buying DC3WY. Considering how much backlog I need to clear first before reaching that, I doubt I’ll ever actually play it ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, the main target was just the Trader tapestry though. Next month there will be just Gakkou no Seiiki thanks to delay of Yomegami… which means there are three games for November – Yomegami, Alicegram, and Lovely Day. December is still unknown though with at least Hatsukoi Sankaime. One of the unknowns is Omokage Rail Back. It currently says 2016 Winter which could be anytime between December and March. There’s also Hulotte’s next game with same release date. And lastly Palette’s latest game – 9 -nine- (or whatever the title is). Thankfully there’s nothing on my radar yet for January and later.

Wow that was quite long.

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