Digest Vol. 72 – End of month and new balance sheet

I’m stopping numbering this digest thing and put it in category instead ┐(゚ ヮ゚)┌

October is passing soon which means the balance sheet will be reset. Except I can’t actually do it because I already spent most of next month budget for all the pre-orders. It’s annoying having them in budget plan for too long especially for those which purchase isn’t going to be cancelled.

I think my balance is still pretty green. The contract renewal thing did hit pretty bad but selling stuff through YJA helped reducing the pain quite a lot. Setting them up takes a bit of time though.

Thankfully there isn’t much stuff for November. There’s Sunshine Creation and perhaps K-Books end of year goods. And then there might be Floflo hug pillow cover series (75% chance of hit this time). There doesn’t seem to be anything else so I guess it’ll be a peaceful month. Hopefully.

On eroge side, I finished Dal Segno’s Hazuki route. Took me 12 days including the common route. The route itself is pretty good especially the latter part which I cleared in one go. As originally planned, now moving on to Himari route. If I understand it correctly, Ame route seems to be locked until I cleared all other routes. A bit change in plan but not too bad, I guess?

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Digest Vol. 71 – Whatever

Of course I failed to keep my spending low. Ha. Ended up pre-ordering Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana. And together with it bonus CD from all stores. As usual, I’ve been eyeing it for a while but tried keep away from it.

There are a bunch of new tapestries as well which are relatively dangerous. Usual monthly Melonbooks of course, and then there’s Comiket Catalog bundle as well. Himekuri 365, the 2017 calendar with one illustration per day, also started pre-order of tapestries for all the illustrations.

At least I’ve started the YJA thing and hopefully it can help reducing load of my wallet. It’ll be pretty slow though because some of stuff I’m selling aren’t quite that popular. Well, it’s mostly matter of time, I guess.

Kind of sad letting some of the tapestries go but it must be done. Having 400+ tapestries isn’t quite… useful. I need to filter out the less liked ones.

Hug pillow cover is getting pretty bad as well though it’s going at much slower pace. Mostly thanks to price and that there aren’t many to begin with also helps.

On eroge progress, LOVEREC FD took a bit longer than I expected though I did finish it last Tuesday.

Finishing it, I decided to continue to Dal Segno. I didn’t throw dice though. In fact, I completely forgot about it until I read the post again when writing this. I just felt like playing that one first. I think I just passed the common route and now at Hazuki’s route. It doesn’t seem too bad. Though not Da Capo, I’m finally reading Circus works in its original form instead of anime. That said, I think I should read Da Capo 3 as well since the anime only covered common route and the whole magic thing seemed interesting enough. One day™, perhaps.

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Digest Vol. 70 – !!

I had some fever last night so I couldn’t quite post this on time.

Managed to finish Natsu Iro Kokoro Log last… Sunday. Had some distractions last week so it took me longer than I hoped to finish. The story is quite fine overall. With Kotone’s I liked most, followed by Kisara, Rin, Kanae, and lastly Kuon. Somehow also follows the order of heroines I like as well. It’s also the original order I had. The art is pretty much as expected from Shiromochi Sakura. Really good. The H-scenes are also just about right length though can use some sound effects.

The main problem I have is there’s no option to have voice playback not to stop when I move dialogue forward. And the other one is it’s missing function to jump back.

As originally planned, currently playing through Loverec Mini Theater. Didn’t expect it to be just extra H-scenes (and one REC mode contest winner scenario). There’s prologue as well but it’s really short. At this rate I should be able to finish it tonight. I probably should’ve guessed it considering it costs 2200.

After finishing it and then Quintuple Splash new extras (this one is free), I’ll move on to…

I’m not sure yet! Ha ha ha. Probably Koiimo as I mentioned earlier. Or maybe Dal Segno for some variation. Perhaps even Amairo Islenauts! I don’t know. I’ll throw dice later to decide it.

feng failed to finish Gakkou no Seiiki on time and thus delayed to November, making this month release some kind of refresh release month for me.

I mentioned in last post I wasn’t sure if I want to apply for credit card… and ended up applying for it 😀 And accepted. Yay 7k (and two months of premium) bonus.

With premium on hand, I immediately started selling some stuff. The test items already sold and now currently finishing the transaction. If everything goes well, I’ll move on to finally selling this “for sale” pile of stuff I slowly piled over course of few weeks.

I managed to not spend too much money last week and I hope this will keep up until end of this month. Barring unexpected thing, I should have additional one month worth of spare… or not. I need to pay for contract extension of my apartment 🙁

Perhaps next month! (every single time)

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Digest Vol. 69 – Whoops, again

Ended up spending about additional 20k for eroge stuff this month 8D And another 12k for an older release – Natsu Uso. Pretty dumb considering I’m paying full price for that now and I did pre-order it before ended up cancelling it because of lack of cash… was it? I don’t exactly remember.

That and there is additional 7k spending for another tapestry of DC3WY and hug pillow cover from ef. Doesn’t help Moetion Works also started pre-order for two life size shapestries illustrated by Ryohka and costed 13k each.

Thankfully my spending for Parasol’s Lovely Day and NanaWind’s Alice Gram store bonuses is much lower than I initially allocated. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m walking on dangerous line between yellow and green finance state though. At least it’s not between yellow and red.

So I’m getting three titles for this month. First is the continuation of feng’s Seiiki series, Gakkou no Seiiki. Finally getting the deluxe edition after all the previous normal editions. Because Maika.

Secondly it’s rather unexpected but I’m getting the latest re-release of Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o which contains H scenes. Apparently the previous release of this title was all ages. And was for Android which then later translated and ported by MangaGamer to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It wasn’t even on my radar until I saw the tweet saying it contains a double suede tapestry. I don’t even have Peco tapestry at all so I figured this is the rare chance of getting one. So I did. Both Getchu (with tapestry) and Sofmap (no tapestry). For voice drama. Collection, etc.

Lastly it’s the one I’ve been considering for a long while and then got annoyed by it. Pretty much similar to DC3WY, this time it’s Reminiscence Collector’s Edition. At least it doesn’t have long tail of previous installments like Da Capo series. Main reason is the same as the one above 😀 Double suede tapestry is dangerous. Gotten some older voice drama as well while at it which added the cost by about 3k.

That’s it for October. As for November, it’s even worse, of course. First off is the lightest one, Alcot’s Yomegami. That reminds me, I should play Loverec Fandics. Anyway, getting it off Sofmap and YJA’d Getchu tapestry. Considered Goodwill and Melonbooks a bit but figured I should skip them. Suimya sure has gotten better though.

And then NanaWind’s latest game, Haruoto Alice Gram. Sure wish they stop doing a whole-balloon heroines but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Wouldn’t get this if not for Nanao Naru. I’m getting the full game from Trader. As for other bonuses, I’m getting all voice drama as usual and then the other tapestry of Yuki. No news on official store bonus yet.

Lastly of course Parasol’s latest series – Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day(s) – which is illustrated by Chikotam (and the other one I don’t really care about). Getting the game itself from Melonbooks and YJA’d the rest. Of course it’s all voice drama and Chikotam tapestries. That hit my wallet the most, by the way though still about the usual amount for this kind of stuff – 6 tapestries and 3 voice dramas for 24k. Now I look again, it’s actually less than Floral Flowlove stuff which was 25k. Whoops.

…and then I just realized I spent that much for Floral Flowlove.

December is for another Chikotam’s Hatsukoi Sankaime from Windmill and Yukie’s Hoshifuru Yoru no Farnese from Miti. Former only has two stores for Chikotam and the latter is still unknown.

What’s happened to my less backlog plan…

Talking about backlog, currently at one last route for Natsu Iro Kokoro Log (Kisara). Kotone’s route is sufficiently interesting, and so are Kanae and Rin. Kuon’s route is the least interesting so far and doesn’t help she’s only getting as many H scenes as Kanae which is a subheroine. I actually managed to finish Rin in two days so I hope I can do it again for Kisara as it’s holiday here on Monday.

Afterwards I initially planned for another game which I have multiple hug pillow cover of but I guess I should take a small break by finishing Quintuple Splash’s latest extra scenes and Loverec’s Mini Fandisc. Shouldn’t take too long (a week?) and then back to usual program.

It currently looks something like this:

  • Amairo Islenauts (2)
  • Primal x Hearts (2)
  • Koisuru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai (2)
  • D. S. Dal Segno (2)
  • Sakura no Mori Dreamers (2)
  • Koiimo Sweet Days (3)
  • Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi (3)
  • Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai (4)

I don’t know yet, depends on what kind of story I want to read, I guess? I’ll probably end up with either Koiimo or Sakura no Mori Dreamers. Or Floral Flowlove since I think I’ll end up with three hug pillow covers from it.

Oh wow that was long.

YJA, yes, I did plan on getting Yahoo! Premium and start selling stuff there. Except I haven’t yet because there’s no interesting promo going on ;_; The only remotely interesting one is their credit card with 7k points and two months of premium. Except I’m not sure I want to apply with my current cash condition. Try again next month, I guess?

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Digest Vol. 68 – Alive

Apparently I get to stay alive a bit longer :’) It was just some cold with a bit of bacterial infection. Treatment for that last part was quite expensive though.

I think I’m at halfway done through Kotone’s route. Seems to be pretty much a standard story. At least the virtual world setting do help making things a bit more interesting.

Next weekend is a long weekend so I hope I can finish the entire game by then. Finishing this, I think I’ll continue to Moteyaba (+Ichayaba) to unlock (?) access to four hug pillow covers which is the most I own for a series. Or something else. I’m not quite sure yet.

As mentioned earlier, my medication spending went a bit over and made me end up with less spare money than I initially expected. At least I did manage to save a bit higher last month than average of this year. I mean, I’m currently averaging at negative. Whoops. If nothing stupid comes out (like, backlog) I should be able to stay safe this month. Probably not saving as much as last month though because I must pay for extension of my current apartment’s contract.

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