Digest Vol. 80 – That was short


Now I think again I probably shouldn’t have pre-ordered a bunch of C91 stuff and wait until it’s actually over instead. At least some of the stuff I pre-ordered have clear files bonus. I should’ve waited for the others. I think my current “loss” is at about 6000. I’ll probably end up doing the same for at least half of them but at current rate it’s just giving up without fight.

I think I’ve came to this conclusion last year but apparently completely forgotten about it 😀

Eroge Playthrough

Finished Gakkou no Seiiki. It sure is nukige. There’s barely any story this time unlike the previous two. Well, Maika route was pretty nice though. Also can use a bit more of the Dark Maid-chan.

With that out, I didn’t have plan for the next one. I didn’t even expect to actually clear both Yorino and Gakkou no Seiiki before this year ends.

After various considerations, I decided to start Moteyaba. Looking pretty good so far. The art is still a bit off at times but otherwise fine. Meguri is especially cute \o/

Route plan is Kanae → Aoba → Maina → Miya → Meguri. And then sub-routes. That is assuming no forced routes.

I don’t think I can finish this before this year ends especially with all the incoming events.

Wasting Money

With all C91 pre-orders, I spent quite a lot this week. Cuffs store starting the pre-order also isn’t helping. Nor is eroge weekend though there’s only one this month thanks to all the delays.

That and the certain cover also hit my wallet pretty hard. Oh and Toypla re-releasing Hanasaki Workspring! tapestries as higher quality version was also pretty bad. I went to Akiba to get them and thanks to extra spare time I had I ended up getting another Moteyaba tapestry at K-Books. Whoops.

On the brighter side, I sold quite a few stuff at YJA this week. Only covered about one third of what I spent though 😀

That also concludes my YJA stuff this year. Heck this is the last post of this year now I look at the calendar.

And I still haven’t started selling doujinshi and other miscellaneous stuff…

If everything goes as planned, I’ll come out of this month barely alive. I just need to remember to not do anything extra.

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Digest Vol. 79 – Continuing to another prologue…


Now with (over) 100% more headers! I don’t know why I haven’t done this from beginning. My writing is still shit as usual though. I know it’s shit because I don’t really want to read it unless I’m trying to recall specific information from here 😀

I also suck at writing title.

Eroge Playthrough

Managed to finish Soreyori no Prologue. At 12 days, it’s one of the faster playthrough I’ve done.

The story is sufficiently good which is the main reason I can finish it pretty quickly.

H-scenes can use a bit of… improvements. Oversized boobs and my general dislike of the character design are expected but I don’t find the art style match with the most of the h-scenes. Some parts also felt quite… nasty. Weird sound effects isn’t helping either.

Story and soundtracks helped though! It’s one rare case where I bought this by anything but character design.

As previously mentioned, now I’m starting Gakkou no Seiiki. Gotta play something actually recent once in a while. Well, next eroge release day is this week so it’s not quite latest.

Wasting Money

When I thought everything is going well… someone just need to sell one of the rarest Chikotam hug pillow cover at less absurd price. Still ended pretty absurd and no one up-absurded me (?). At over 22k, it’s my most expensive cover yet, taking the title over from previous holder, Primal x Hearts’ Kanna Kana (19k).

Pan and Yukie announcing relatively interesting covers for C91 isn’t helping though. Those and Mamiya’s Nekoto, Senmomo’s Ino, Otome Domain’s Kazari, Senren Banka’s Murasame, and of course Sakusaku’s Tina. I’m counting seven already which means 80k+. Whoops, shit. I think I’ll drop some.

Really though, at over 90, it’s just not realistic for me to keep all my current one. I simply have to drop some. There’s no way around that. Even then it’s still pretty difficult because unlike tapestries, I don’t go around blindly but with slightly more consideration. Slightly.

As usual, I also need to filter out more tapestries as well. This one is easier but the sheer amount is a bit overwhelming. Still doing it slowly. Probably need to pick the pace up a bit.

At this rate I might as well just Suruga-Ya them all just to get more space. Or set much low price. Probably the latter since the former is a (relatively) ripoff.

I think I can manage to survive another month…

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Digest Vol. 78 – A bit faster?

Finished Yorino’s Haruka route! That took about 6 days total which is relatively fast for me! I might even finish the whole this by next weekend at this rate.

The common (?) route was pretty interesting especially the closure.

I didn’t expect the sex scenes to be that long though. The number aren’t that many but they are pretty long.

Oh, yeah, finished Otome Domain as well. Just as expected, I guess? A bit sad by the lack of Minato in the CGs though.

I managed to receive more than I spent. Or so I thought until I remembered I pre-ordered rorolog fandisk which tilts the balance back to spending. At least it lessened the damage.

Winter events are getting closer which means more stuff are revealed. And then my budget for it is quickly getting drained up. Well, I’ll eventually remove some as usual. Just need to remember to be careful.

Lastly, Cuffs stuff announcement next week! Mixed feeling since my finance isn’t that good yet!

This post is looking a bit drier than usual.

Then I remembered I got the Dakikano personalized system voice and mini drama. At least it seems like it’s properly recorded for each order. Or it’s just really well edited that I can’t notice. Of course there’s question of whether it’s worth the extra ~8k jpy or not. I think it’s a bit too expensive. Well, I’m not that much into seiyuu so perhaps I’m simply not the main target.

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Digest Vol. 77 – Oh noes it’s December already

The month I hate most thanks to the combination of cold and events.

Anyway, finished two Otome Domain routes this week! Yay!

Kazari route was pretty good. The protag was relatively annoying the whole route though. At least he’s cute.

And then Hinata was… short? Didn’t feel as long as Kazari. At least the protag was only annoying the first half. Latter half was okay.

Now continuing to last one, Yuzu… I think I can finish this before end of this week.

Finishing that, will continue Soreyori no Prologue as originally planned. With four weekends left for this year, I hope I can manage to finish it and perhaps even Gakkou no Seiiki. I doubt the last week is going to go well though with all the events. I’ll see how much further I can go before this year ends.

Lastly, finance! Sold few stuff this week which helped ~a bit~. After all the damage from last month’s release, combined with loads of backlogs (last week as well), there isn’t much left for me to get for this week.

I did grab Floflo’s Riku hug pillow cover. And that’s all. I have approximately 20k jpy left after deducted with all upcoming bills until next pay day =D

The budget for events seems to be okay-ish? At least it looks like I’m going to spend a bit less for Denkigai official goods this time. The Murasame (Senren Banka) and Tina (Sakusaku) hug pillow covers are going to put quite a dent but it’s still within safe range. Floflo 4th cover will also hurt a bit (unless this month is a miss, that is). There’s nothing else significant in sight at the moment.

I think I’ll survive!

That reminds me, I should start selling doujinshis as well… And perhaps more tapestries. And other stuff. Or maybe not since it takes so much effort =D

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